Language of Gods

The original language spoken on Earth was English. That is
our true, native language.   (English is also the language
spoken on " The Other Side " , though not exactly the same
as our English here on Earth.)   All the other languages were
false creations by out-of-control folks, and have been deleted
from Existence by Love of Loves.   Whatever exists now, besides
English, are dead scripts.
Remember the biblical story of the Tower of Babel? In our
first incarnation we were supposed to live peacefully and
cooperate (well, not only then...), but some people
started bitching, arguing and fighting.
Love of Loves had enough of it and ordained through
Mother Love and Father Love:   OK, guys, I've had enough
of it.   If you think you know better, go ahead and manifest
whatever you want.   Be it your lesson.

And so non-sense languages have been created.   They were
useless, because they were dead.   They were dead because
they were created without the loving support and answers
from Gods.   People that created them were like children
playing with a box of matches, ignorant of what could be
the consequences of that play, because they refused to listen to
their parents; but they would learn, one way or the other...

As you will see on the next page, and as you know deep
inside, English is alive and many words carry interesting
meanings.   Many words are fables.

If you want to free your Self from the dead scripts, say
the following manifestation statement (or create your own):

" I am very grateful for all the Heavenly support and help.
I choose to manifest, I am manifesting the deletion of all
false languages from my Being and the reprogramming
of this mind, brain and body to speak my native language,
English, free of any accent, with full vocabulary, as a native
speaker, because I am native English speaker: English is
my native language. "

Enter the fun world of Love-tionary...

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