Awareness of Purpose

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Within Existence every object, every thing, has its place and purpose,
and is aware of it.   That place and purpose is aligned with (is a flowering
of) the Self's intention via the Holy Spirit.   The Holy Spirit's level is
Divine Love, which calibrates at infinity.   The closer the object/thing is
to the highest calibration level, and the closer the intent of using that
object/thing is to Divine Love, the more joy is experienced by all involved.

Rephrased, from the perspective of a person, every thing is aware of its place
and purpose of being; the closer all this is to Divine Love, the more joy
is experienced by the user and the object.   As well, the object/thing
communicates its status and purpose to everyone.   Every person senses
this communication deep inside, though not always this information is
picked up, or listen to, by the mind.

When a mismatch between the user and the object/thing occurs, it is
immediately felt by both, though the user may not be aware of it consciously.
This disharmony results in emotions being generated, poor energy flow,
stress, and it can affect the health and safety of the user, as well as
durability and reliability of the object.
The mismatch could be a positive person using a less positive object,
a person with not enough energy using a high-energy object, using a thing
for a purpose it wasn't intended/designed for, misusing a thing for
a downright non-integrous (negative) purpose, or even using the correct
thing, but in a colour that weakens the person.

Some examples:
- a person who lacks awareness using a high-end sharp kitchen knife.
    The chance of cutting herself increases dramatically.

- a person full of negative energy - such as alcohol or anger - riding
    a motorcycle.   The likelihood of an accident skyrockets.

- a person getting a dog and training it to be aggressive towards others.
    Neither the dog nor the subconscious of the person like this.
    Neuro-emotional blocks and other energy fragmentation are created
    in both, affecting their health; especially the person's.

- (even a positive) person buying a car for which he doesn't have enough energy
    (cannot handle it energetically).   The likelihood of mishandling
    the car, especially in an emergency, increases dramatically.

- buying a black vehicle or clothes.   While high-energy people may be OK
    handling black, the great majority of people can be suppressed
    or blocked by black colour.   Thus it is beneficial to stay away
    from black when reasonably possible.   Paradoxically, the more
    the person gravitates towards black, the less s/he can afford it
    (The less the person can handle it safely.)

Technique that can help reveal reliably the energy quality of things and whether you can safely
handle them, what the best tool would be, what your "good" and "bad" colours are, is called
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and is performed by specially trained doctors.

Important note:
The whole Existence is a pretended projection (a fantasy) of the Self.
What appears to be as separate things and people are all projections
from a single source: the Self.   In principle exactly the same as when
you daydream.   So behind the outward appearance of everything is the Self.
The Self is the only "thing" that can think, feel, and act - pretending
to be as an object or a person.   You may not be aware of this consciously, because
you are as the Self looking outward at the world through the mind (observing the world
from a unique perspective - you.)   When the mind drops its dominance, a look
back inward (reflection) is possible and the Self-awareness is revealed,
realized.   This is called "enlightenment".
So enlightened people teach.

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