be Lovebound so you are Healthy and Strong

This website is about awareness of I,
about understanding life, and about spiritual healing.

All that is presented on this website is wholly and holy
congruent with Love and is suitable for all visitors.

Love = Light = I

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" I " and " me "       Gods       Paying Respect       Be In Touch

Love Prayer

I love you       Language of Gods       Love-tionary       The Ultimate Truth

About Photographs       Offering Advice       Swaddling Bands

Spiritual Self-defense

Spiritual Massage       Guardian Angels       The Cross       Holy Temple

Intelligence       Having Children       Peace and Responsibility      

Crime and Healing      Meditate...or not?      How did it come to this?

Education       Possession by Possessions     Messages of Healing

Dissolving the world of struggle       Marriage, Adultery, and the Bible

About Repenting       Healing Prayers       Your Colour

Health and Fitness

About Selves       Blessed Is The Child       Internal Guidance

Types of Intelligence      Whose Thoughts?      Witnessing

You Are Loved       Birth and Death       Religions      Christ and the Bible

Divide, Conquer, and Rule       Sexual Evolvement      What Is Love?

The Fall of Man

The only two things you can take with you after you die

A Note to Healers and Counselors       Eating Meat and Killing

What is the Mind?

Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants     The Concept Time

Proper Breathing

Parallel Life Path     Quick Health Tests You Can Do At Home

Intent & "God helps those that...."     Possessiveness

The Saviour Syndrome

True Love vs. Pseudo-love     Suppression of Love     Idolatry

Tricking The Mind

Good Health Trinity       Whom Can You Trust?

Conversation Between Mr.Wellmeaning And Mr.Aware

Fools, Barbarians, and Intelligent People     Gifted Children

Parent - Child Connection

Entertainment       Intellectual World vs. Intelligent World       Faith

Sponges, Blockheads, and Lifers       Life Myths      Where is it all heading?

Who Is Right?       Autopilot

Eating junk and processed food      You shall not have other gods before me

Right Answers - Wrong Answers      ...don’t be hard on your Self

Hearing, But Not Understanding      Loving Touch

Two of the most important things that can help a dying person

If Only...      God of Gods      Religious Messages

Spirituality And Religiousness

Pride And Gratitude      Children Are Mirrors Of Their Parents       Teaching

Organizations      What Holds Society Together      Confessing Sins

Sexual Orientation      Intelligent Living       Playing Sports       Forgiveness

How Porn Affects People       Free Will       Alcohol

Following The Mind

Freedom To Be Your Self       Daydreams & Fantasies

The Energy Matrix

Why Children Rebel Against Their Parents      Extending Your Life

To What Heaven Do You Go?     Taking Shortcuts

What shoes women shouldn’t wear if they intend to be truly healthy

Meaning of some Biblical Sayings     Boredom

Normal Child Behaviour       Celibacy

Hindu Caste System     Accepting Gifts     Expectations

Diets - fruitarian, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore     Visiting Other Countries

Flashing Lights       Keeping the door closed to evil

Capacity to understand

Computer games and creativity     Taking on human suffering

Aliens, Alien Energies, Space Travel

Loss of a child, sibling, parent, friend, spouse

Riding motorcycles, and life, safely

Thinking vs. Intuiting (Intuition)     Cancer     Baptism     The Holy Spirit

Neither victim nor perpetrator     Who or What Created Evil

Beauty and Strength

Spiritual Revelations, Realizations, Notes     Sustainable Way Of Living

Access to God     Pedestals     Awareness of Purpose

Story = Autobiography

Difference Between Mind and Ego     Motorcycle Vibrations     Fatalism

Motorcycle Ergonomics - Healthy Riding Posture

Colour Associations And God     Artists Going Crazy

Scripts in Unconscious Mind     Nurture your feminine qualities

Aloneness and Loneliness     What it means to flow with life

Improving Organizations     Perfect Imperfect     Is God Angry With Me?

Psalms amended     Contact

For too long men have been chasing after superficial things,
ignoring I.
How foolish!   I Am " the only thing " there is, and it is time people
wake up to this Truth = embrace I, because I Am in all people and all
manifestations, and only in I is Healing, Blessings, True Answers, Joy,
Bliss, Peace, and True Love.
I am known as The Self/Brahman/Beigness/Pure Consciousness.

The truths stated on this website might seem unusual, as the world
has been submerged in lies for so long.   However,
you’ll know intuitively that all this is true.   So keep your
mind and heart open and don’t judge this manifestation of I,
because you would ultimately judge your Self.

Best be in Love when I go marching on...

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