Love Prayer

The following is one of the highest energy prayers *.
Saying it frequently helps protect your energy (you).
It is also helpful to write it down and carry it in a pocket,
wallet, or purse.   Posting it by the windows and doors helps
keep the house or apartment positively energized.   Writing
the prayer down on a piece of paper and putting it in your shoes
under the insoles, helps you stand on highly energized ground.

Love Prayer

Our Love of Loves who art in Heaven
Holy is Your name.
Your Love is here, Your Will is done on Earth
As it is in Heaven.
Thank You for the loving abundance.
Thank You for helping us be aware
And thank You for protecting us from evil.

Note:     The words "our", "Your", "You" and "us" are symbolic representations of
seamless connection, not of possession nor of separation.     "Love of Loves"
and "you" are individual manifestations of the same infinite field of consciousness,
of the same wholeness.

* Those of you who have read the book " Power vs. Force " (by
David R. Hawkins - highly recommended book) are aware of the energy
calibration scale from 0 to 1000, where 20 is the energy level of
the emotion of shame, the lowest energy level, and 1000 is the highest
energy level of enlightenment, the level of Jesus Christ, for example.

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