Nurture your feminine qualities

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Every healthy person, male and female, young and old,
is endowed with masculine and feminine qualities; every person is
gifted with feminine qualities.
The feminine qualities are about caring, compassion, understanding,
healthy sharing, supporting life, gentleness, supporting beauty and elegance;
the feminine qualities are not about boobs, wearing jewelry, high
heels, skirts, and putting on makeup (though under some circumstances
they may be). Similarly, masculine qualities are not about conquering
the world and how big the private parts are.
The feminine qualities are aspects, an "extension" of Divinity.
For good health, spiritual evolvement, joyful life, and benefit to
all humanity, nurture your feminine qualities; don't suppress them and
don't twist them into a vanity egotistic fashion show.
Many men have been suppressing their feminine qualities as a weakness,
when in fact they are an immense strength.   How can a quality of
Divinity be as a weakness?   Now even some women suppress their
feminine qualities; perhaps to "equal" men, perhaps because
to succeed in men's world, which is a world of cold force, the warm
power of feminity is in the way.   For example, to work as
a top executive of a large company, cold calculatedness (cleverness)
and sharp elbows are needed; that's in stark contrast to
the loving caring concern for the wellbeing of people
by the feminine qualities.

When you suppress your feminine qualities, you also automatically
suppress your intuition, and that is a 100% guaranteed way to get
you into trouble at all levels of your being, even beyond your
current incarnation.

A balanced, spiritually evolving, joyful person is one with
the masculine and feminine qualities in balance, in harmony;
nothing suppressed (note: to reject/dismiss a temptation to
choke the living daylight out of the dude who had his dog
poop on your lawn is not suppressing your masculinity - it's
rejecting force (the ego) and choosing power instead.)

How to nurture your feminine qualities?
Well, a part of it is acknowledging the already-mentioned
feminine qualities, respecting them, and when they come up,
and when appropriate, intelligently acting on them.
If not sure whether such a feminine response is appropriate,
you can also invoke the powerful energy attractor principle
by asking, "what would Christ do in this situation?",
or at least, "what would an unconditionally loving mother
do in this situation?"
Praying to God to guide and help you with supporting your
feminine qualities.
Using Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) to reveal and help
resolve blocks to your healthy masculine/feminine balance.

Recap of (some of) the feminine qualities:
caring; compassion; understanding; healthy sharing;
supporting life; gentleness; supporting beauty and elegance;
concern for life; the main driving power behind inspirational art.

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