Perfect Imperfect

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Certain truths need to be accepted, realized, and trusted to keep on
spiritually evolving.
With the acceptance that the Creator is perfect, it automatically flows
that the creation must be perfect, as well.   The perfect can only create
Seeing Existence, or some part of it, as imperfect can then only mean
a lack of understanding.   Of course, "perfect" and "imperfect" are just
human terms.   The Creator, the Self, is the only real "thing"
there is, and so even talking about perfect/imperfect has no real meaning.
Existence is manifested the way it's intended and that's it.

When the human mind uses the terms perfect/imperfect, it refers to
wished for qualities: the perfect man is one who...; the perfect car is
one that...; the perfect outdoor trip is one that is dry, warm and
free of biting insect, etc.   This kind of languaging may have
a limited communication value (instead of using a hundred words
to describe something, simply stating that it's perfect can convey
the intended meaning), but when applied to God and Existence
it becomes nonsense.
Even if it would make sense, how would the tiny and extremely
limited human mind/ego be even remotely qualified to evaluate
the quality of infinite Existence and infinite God?
Anyway, for the human understanding God and Existence are perfect.
This view has a value, because then the human mind/ego can place
faith and trust in life, and rather than point finger outwards and
blame others, look inwards and clean up one's self,
which is essential to spiritual evolvement.

Each moment of your life is a perfect manifestation (flowering) of
all the contributing factors.   This doesn't mean you have to become
complacent with everything.   If you are experiencing things that are
not wished for, you may help change that by contributing with as
many positive things as possible.   For example, those headaches
are the perfect manifestation and symptom of something unhealthy.
Just because they are perfectly manifested headaches in a perfect
universe doesn't mean you have to live with them.   You may do all
in your power to contribute with as much good health and loving
stuff to get rid of the headaches, such as: stopping ingesting
toxins (alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee, pork, etc); supplying
your body with good quality nutrients; using NET and chiropractic;
being honest with yourself and others; being kind; etc.

The human mind may ask, "OK, so when God and Existence are
perfect, how about wars, pests that make physical life miserable,
violent and mean people, etc?"
Here the mind is trying to grasp the concept by using its
definition of perfect (all aspects or qualities of the considered
thing are desired/pleasant).   Wars, pests that make physical life
miserable, violent and mean people, etc, are perfect manifestations
of the underlying energies, of their level of consciousness.
The underlying energies, their level of consciousness, calibrate
very low - in the nonintegrous, that is negative, region of
the consciousness calibration scale.   These negative levels are
destructive to life and positive things; they even try to destroy
God!   It's all part of the act of Existence.   The Self, the Creator,
allows each manifested entity to choose its course of life,
and this world is the perfect spiritual growing-up grounds, as
Dr. David Hawkins said.   Here you have to practically demonstrate
each and every moment your understanding of life - that you choose
love and good health over negativity.

To recap.   To the human mind God and Existence can be presented/
explained, as perfect, which is true.   Ultimately, Existence is
exactly the way the Creator, the Self, intends, and judging it
or even labeling it makes no sense.
By continuously making loving/good-health-supporting choices,
you rise up through the levels of consciousness higher to more
life-affirming levels (more pleasant levels).

Note: in this article calling God and Existence perfect is not evaluating
or judging it.   It's simply reflecting for the purpose of teaching
and understanding.

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