Psalms amended

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Here are presented a handful of psalms; one new one and five amended ones.
These are very high energy (positive) verses, calibrating at a very high truth level.

New psalm
The Lord of Love is Peace and Love;
It holds no grudges, and is free of human emotions;
thus there is no need for It to forgive or bestow mercy;
yet in a way, forgiveness and mercy are qualities of Lord of Love.
Lord of Love's Peace and Love are always available
to those that sincerely seek It.
Lord of Love is the essence of everyone and everything.

Psalm 1
Blessed are those who walk not in the way of the ungodly,
nor abide by the counsel of sinners, nor sit in the company of mockers;
but their delight is in the way of the Lord of Love and on the way
do they meditate day and night.
And they shall be like a tree planted by a stream of water,
that brings forth its fruit in the season, whose leaves fall not off;
and whatsover they begin they accomplish.
The ungodly are not so, but are like chaff that the wind
drives away.
Therefore the ungodly do not find rest in Peace and Love.
For the Lord of Love knows the way of the righteous;
but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Psalm 2
Be wise now,O politicians;
be instructed, O judges of the earth.
Serve the Lord of Love with reverence
and uphold It with love.
Blessed are all they who put their trust in Lord of Love.

Psalm 4
When I have called Thee, Thou have answered I,
O my God and Saviour of my righteousness;
Thou have comforted I when I was in distress.
People, how long will you obscure your hearts?
How long will you love drama and vanity?
Do you want deception forever?
But understand that the Lord of Love has set
apart for Itself those who are loving and kind;
the Lord of Love hears when called upon sincerely.
Commune with your own heart and meditate upon your bed.
Offer the dedication of righteousness and
put your trust in the Lord of Love.
There are many that say, Who can show us a good man
so that he may shine upon us the light of his love?
O Lord of Love, Thou have put joy in my heart
more than in the time that their wheat and their wine
and their coffee increased.
In peace I live for Thou, O Lord of Love, make I dwell
in safety.

Psalm 15
Lord of Love, who dwells in Thy Light?
They who walk uprightly and work righteousness
and speak the truth in their hearts.
They who deceive not with their tongues,
nor do evil to their neighbours, nor accept
bribes from their neighbours.
They who lend not out their money with interest,
nor take a bribe against the innocent.
They who do these things are upright and shall never be moved.

Psalm 91
Note: Dr. David Hawkins said that he experienced what this psalm describes.
Here the psalm is presented amended.

Those who dwell in the protection of the most High
live in the light of the Almighty.
Saying of the Lord of Love, It is my refuge and my fortress;
my God, my essence; in It is my trust.
Surely It delivers you from the snare of the wicked
and from vain gossip.
It covers you with Its Love and Joy; Its Truth is your shield.
It dispels your fears and guides your steps.
Thousands may fall at your side, but the violence doesn't
come near you.
With the wisdom and understanding coming from Lord of Love
you can see the way and reward of the wicked.
For Thou, O Lord of Love, are my trust;
Thou have illuminated my life;
in Thy light no evil befalls my life, nor any plague comes
near my dwelling.
The Lord of Love's angels watch over you to keep you
in all your ways.
With your unwavering trust in and dedication to Lord of Love
you are surely delivered from this world.

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