About Photographs

Photographs and videos show more information than the physical eyes can see.
Photographs and videos also capture the invisible energies that are attached to
the captured individual or place, as well as the aura emanated from the subject.
Our spiritual eyes can see them; we can see these invisible energies subconsciously.
The lower energy the individual is, the lower the captured energies are bound to be.
The higher energy the individual is, the purer and more positive the captured energies
are bound to be.
Photographs/videos of enlightened people can be very inspiring, for example.
Paradoxically, most of the filmed and photographed people (celebrities) are
of lower energy, and thus viewing their recorded images is not very positive.
How it affects the viewer depends on the spiritual evolvement of the viewer.
The lower the energy of the viewer is (the lower the spiritual evolvement of
the viewer is), the worse is the effect.   The unhealthy effects can include
getting spiritually/energetically stuck, energy fragmentation, affection with
negative energies, disconnection from Divine Love - the source of Life; it
can take even many incarnation to heal from that.   These are serious things
and shouldn't be taken lightly.
Again paradoxically, the individuals that are attracted the most to viewing movies,
celebrity magazines/photographs, and also taking people pictures themselves
are lower energy individuals who would actually benefit from abstaining from all
that the most.   Even taking pictures of your family members may not be the best
if they are not in a healthy state (by "healthy" is meant "high energy" or "high
spiritual evolvement").   For example, if your uncle likes to drink wine or beer,
the negative energies carried by - and attracted by - the alcohol certainly make
it to the photograph/video; as well, the toxicity of the alcohol negatively affects
your uncle's health, which is also captured on the photograph/film.
Everyone who watches your uncle's images is exposed to all that, and because
you took the images, you are connected to all that, as well.
Not a healthy scenario at all.   We have enough of our
issues and piling up more unhealthy stuff on our shoulders is asking for trouble.
We don't know consciously what issues we face in our subconscious.
If we wish to live healthy lives, be in a peaceful, joyful, blissful, healthy state,
we need to stay away from things that weaken us, that are unhealthy.

How to tell if it is safe to take or view pictures/video of someone?   The most reliable way
to tell is to use NET - Neuro Emotional Technique, performed by a certified doctor.
It is also possible to use muscle strength testing, as explained by Dr. David R. Hawkins in
his highly-energized books (for example, Power vs. Force).
Your conscious feeling about viewing/capturing the subject may not be an
accurate indicator.
As a rule of thumb, it is better to stay away from people photography/filming, both as
a photographer or as a viewer, as much as reasonably possible.   Taking pictures with
your heart, so to speak, is enough.

Note: taking pictures/filming in negative places, such as non-integrous countries
(for example, North Korea, Iran, Haiti) also captures the invisible-to-our-physical-eyes
negativeness of the place.   Remember, our spiritual eyes can see all that.
Dr. David Hawkin's book "Truth vs. Falsehood" lists energy calibration (positiveness) of
some of the countries (at least how it was at the time of the calibration/testing).

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