About Photographs

Because so many people refused to listen to Love of Loves,
Mother Love, Father Love and other Loving Beings, some
things came to existence that shouldn't have.   One of them is
taking pictures of people - both still and motion pictures.

A photograph of someone contains more information than you can
physically, consciously, see.

You are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that is
generated by the seven energy points (chakras) of your body.
The field is also called " aura " .   Some people can see auras
consciously, some don't; all people can see auras
Your aura is very dynamic, every moment reflecting the state
of your Being.   Healers that can consciously read, and
understand, auras can very accurately diagnose what is going
on with you.   By manipulating your aura it is possible to heal your body.
As you change, evolve, your aura reflects the change, moment
to moment.

When you are looking at a photograph of someone, you can
see his/her body and his/her aura - cameras capture auras,
as well (both still and motion picture cameras).   You might not
consciously realize it, but you - your real You - are seeing both
the picture of the person and the aura around him/her.
When the picture was taken, not only the person was " frozen "
in the picture, but his/her aura, too.   So keep this in your mind
for a few seconds, while I side-step a little bit:
Your spirit, your energy, is connected with every other spirit
everywhere.   In other words, all people are interconnected at
the subconscious level.   You know about everyone else all the
time - you know the state of everyone's being all the time!
This is the end of the side-step.   Now back to the photograph.

While you are looking at the picture, you are seeing the
person and his/her captured, frozen-in-time, static aura, AND
at the same time you, the spirit, know the real, live, dynamic
state of the subject's aura - they don't match!   This creates
an incongruence, confusion, in your - and the subject's - spirit.
What you see in the picture is different from what you feel,
know, deep inside.   The picture shows an old state of his/her
being, while in the now you sense a completely different state
of his/her being.
This affects the subject as much as you - remember, everyone
and everything is interconnected.

Let's put it into a cool energy speak:
A photograph of a person becomes a memory imprint of the
subject's energy - as his/her dynamic, live, energy was at the
moment the picture was taken.   Because the subject's energy
goes on changing, evolving, and the memory imprint does not,
it creates an incongruence in the subject's and the viewer's
energy fields.   The memory imprint becomes a negative anchor
for the subject and the viewer.

In addition to all that, if the subject has negative energies/entities attached
to him/her, they might make it to the photograph, as well.   Viewing those
could negatively affect the viewer.

What are the practical implications of this?

Pictures of people should not be taken*, not of family members
nor strangers.   Not even self-portraits. Any existing
photographs of people should not be viewed* including movies,
magazines, CD covers, book covers, posters, calendars, etc.,
unless you can verify your congruence with them with NET,
as mentioned below.

* Exceptions

Pictures/movies of/with people who passed away are OK.
Pictures that capture less than 50% of the subject's energy
field are OK, as well.
In other words, pictures that show less than 50% of
the subject's upper body plus head are OK (legs and arms don't
generate aura, so they don't count in this respect).
For example, a head-shot of someone is OK. Chest-plus-head
shot of someone is not OK.   Another example:  : if someone is
partially hidden behind a solid object (tree, car, etc) and the
picture would show less than 50% of her upper body plus
head, then it's OK.   However, if she puts a big sack over
her body (or a costume) so her body wouldn't be visible, it's not
OK to take her picture, because the cloth/clothes wouldn't
hide her aura.
It makes no difference what direction the subject(s) is(are)
facing - remember, this is about the energy of the person, not
his/her physical body (you know deep inside who the person
is, even though his/her back might be facing you or he/she is
obscured by a costume).   If there are people in the way of your
shot and they are far away and too small, it's OK.   However,
if they are close enough to have distinguishable features it's
not OK to take the picture.

Your Spirit is " all that you have (are) " . When you pass away, it will be
" all that you have left " , so take a good care of it (you) and stay away
from things that weaken you, like this issue with taking
photographs of people.

If you are serious about avoiding viewing photographs of people,
you can say this affirmation:
" I am aware that viewing photographs of people is not good
for I, and that my subconscious can view them in all directions.
I choose not to look at all photographs of people wherever
they are, with both my conscious and subconscious. "

Note:   If you are a highly energized individual (high spiritual energy,
not calories), you might be able to handle pictures of people safely.
The best way to find out is to see a Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) doctor
and have him/her test you.

Listen this time to Love of Loves, the time when Love of Loves
goes marching on is coming close, and best you be in Love
when that happens.   In other words, best you make loving,
healing choices so You - the Being You are - are in a loving,
congruent, high energy state, lovingly embracing Love of Loves,
Mother Love, and Father Love, as Love of Loves,
Mother Love, and Father Love lovingly embrace You.

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