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If your intent is to live healthy, joyful life, to evolve spiritually,
to attain enlightenment, to have a good connection with
Divine Loves (Gods) and your true Self, to know who you
truly are, to have healthy children, then being free of
alcohol is an absolute must.   No buts, ifs, or maybes.

Alcohol is one of the worst and most dangerous toxins.
Alcohol kills life.
Even a tiny amount can cause lots of trouble.

Alcohol energy can also hide, shape-shift, split, and attract
other nasty energies.   It can be difficult to get rid of, and its
effects can affect the person for incarnations.
Alcohol energy can fragment, block, spin-out-of-control the
energy and nervous systems of the person.
Alcohol energy can contribute to creation of the Lower and/or
Satanic Selves
, and it can also cut the individual off from the sources
of life - Divine Loves (Gods) and the person's true Self.
Alcohol energy can open doors for other negative energies
to affect the person.
The most common intake of alcohol energy is drinking alcohol,
of course, but there are other ways one can get affected by
- by taking it in at the energy, subconscious level (even though at
   the conscious level the person may not drink alcohol at all)
- via an energy connection with a family member, friend, coworker, etc.
- via an energy connection with a negative entity = being force-fed
   alcohol energy (this may happen due to other toxicity or negative intentions)
- by ingesting it as a food ingredient, or through the skin - for example
   hand sanitizers, or through mouth washes/oral rinses
- by working/living at a place that stores/sells/manufactures/promotes
   alcohol (yes, even by working for an advertising agency that makes ads for
   alcohol products may connect you with alcohol energy, because the energy you
   send out {promoting alcohol} comes back to you)
- by working/living at a place that was involved with alcohol in the past and the
   energy of alcohol hasn't been cleared from the space
- by trying to control others with alcohol energy (usually a subconscious doing)
- by some scripts/programming running in the subconscious
- by alcohol affection from a past life (incarnation)

Staying away from alcohol may be easy at the conscious level, but
how about the subconscious intakes of alcohol?   The person may not
be consciously aware that something disruptive is going on.
That's where prayers and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) come in.
By praying you affirm your intention (to be free of alcohol in this case) and
set into motion the wheels of Existence to help you with that.   When your
prayer is sincere and you follow through by also abstaining from alcohol
at the conscious level, then you get a positive help for sure.
It's important to be aware that prayers are not begging for something.
Prayers are thanking for the intended result as if you already
have it (thanksgiving prayers), or using manifesting "I" statements.
An example of a thanksgiving prayer:
"Thank you, Divine Loves and the higher Selves of whom I am, for
my complete healing from all alcohol affections, so I am completely
healthy and free of alcohol energy.   Thank you, I love you."

An example of a manifesting "I" statement:
"I am completely free of alcohol and I am grateful for all the heavenly
help, guidance, support, and protection so it is so.   Awareness."

("Heavenly" symbolically means "Loving", "Positive".)
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) can help you detect alcohol affection(s)
even at the subconscious level and can help you resolve it.   It can
also help with finding the best way of detoxifying alcohol.
Of course, to detoxify alcohol, more than just prayers and NET are needed.
Please, see the other pages of this website.   The page "Good Health Trinity"
is a good start.

It is important to realize that even a very occasional intake of alcohol can
be very destructive.   Even that little glass of champagne once a year can
create a destructive chain reaction.
Staying away from alcohol, AND detoxifying is an absolute must for
every serious spiritual aspirant, or for everyone who wants to live
a healthy, joyful, peaceful life.   No exceptions.

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