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You might have heard the terms "Higher Self", "Godly Self", "Lower Self",
and maybe even others.

There are several levels to your Being.   The top-most level is known
as the "Godly Self".   This is your highest level.   Before the physical universe
was created, before incarnations on Earth were initiated, you already existed
as an individual Being.   That level is the Godly Self.

Once the physical universe was created and incarnations on Earth were
being prepared, souls were created.   These souls were created by Divine
Loves (Gods) and each individual Godly Self.   This soul level is the "Higher
Self" level.   In other words, the soul is the Higher Self.

Because the soul might get affected by the negativities that exist in this
world, and even become corrupted (evil), an individual part of your Being
was created to watch over and guide the soul: the "Angelic Self".
This Angelic Self is pure and cannot become corrupted.   The Angelic Self
is also called "Guardian Angel".

These three Selves of your Being (Godly, Angelic, Higher) are the basic, harmonious, structure of your Being.
There are other harmonious selves that exist when you are incarnated,
living, on Earth.   When you direct your energy to some positive, loving,
constructive, occupation, you create a self that is associated with that
particular activity.   For example: if you love gardening, there is a gardener
self existing within your Being; if you love singing, there is a singer self of
yours existing; if you love humour, there is a funny self of yours existing, etc.
Because all these selves are positive, creative, they are harmonious with
your Being and thus they help you.   (Just a caution here: the word "they"
implies a separation; this is not the case here.   All these selves are
individual energy manifestations of your Being - like waves on a lake,
that's all.)

There also might be disharmonious, negative, selves that exist when you are
incarnated, living, on Earth.
When you direct your energy (whether consciously or subconsciously) to some
negative, unloving, occupation, you create a negative self.
The "Lower Self" is the part of you that likes drama, conflicts, fights love,
doesn't want to listen to positive, loving guidance (whether coming from
Divine Loves, some other loving Being, or your positive Selves), wants to be
separate (rather than part of the whole), attracts negative stuff to you, refuses
Heavenly help, wants to control and use others, likes diseases, etc.

The "Satanic Self" is the part that (if it exists) is after complete destruction
(of you and everything/everyone else), complete disregard for life, love and
Divine Loves.

These two selves (Lower, Satanic) are the basic negative structure that might
exist.   There might be other negative selves: if you smoke, then you have
created a smoker self; if you drink alcohol, then you have created an alcoholic
self; if you steal, or think about stealing, then you have created a thief self, etc.

How did these negative selves came to be?   The root causes of their creation
are toxins and negative scripts.
Toxins can, and do, garble your energy so from a loving soul you might become
an unloving, destructive, soul.   Not because you (you the loving soul) want to,
but because the toxins might bring your energy out of control, fragment it, and
contribute to cutting you off from Divine Loves (Gods), who are the source of life,
energy, and answers.
The whole existence is run, operated by, scripts, programs.   Individuals that are
toxic, unhealthy, might (and do) create unloving, controlling, destructive
programs that result in diseases, accidents, natural disasters, weird weather,
wars, greed, power struggles, control of others, violence, etc.
Also, these unhealthy individuals are susceptible to affection by negative scripts,
programs, created by others.
That is why it is soooo important to stay away from toxins, to detoxify, and heal
as written about on this website.   The worst toxins come from (but are not
limited to): mercury (mainly from older type of tooth fillings, also some fish),
alcohol, tobacco, drugs (legal and illegal), coffee, coca cola, pork, refined
sugar, wheat flour.   Even tiny amounts of them might cause trouble, especially
mercury and alcohol - they are the worst.
If your intent is to stay healthy and loving, it is critical to stay away from these
(and other) toxins.   Again, even tiny amounts of these toxins may send your
energy out of control and may open you to negative affections.

All these negative selves weaken you, affect your connection with Divine Loves
and the whole existence, and affect your spiritual growth.
It is possible to dissolve, delete, all these negative selves.   How?   Through
good health.   That is what this whole website is about.   If you are interested
in healing and getting rid of the negative selves, please, take the time to read
the pages of this website, as the information presented here is the universal
bases of good health.
Again, it is very important to emphasize that Neuro-Emotional
Technique (NET)
and chiropractic (especially the advanced chiropractic called
"Network Spinal Analysis" - NSA) are critical to successful healing.

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