Aliens, Alien Energies, Space Travel

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The goal of this article is to present deeper understanding of energies.

For a society to be able to travel the universe it has to exist (survive) long enough to develop
the appropriate advanced technology.   It has to live in peace for many hundreds or perhaps
even thousands of years.   The advanced science needed for space travel calibrates within
the region of Love.   (Long-lasting) peace = high level of spiritual evolvement.
High level of spiritual evolvement = advanced spiritual understanding.

Some manifestations of advanced spiritual understanding:
- no desire to control and manipulate others
- no desire to conquer other worlds
- natural ability to discern whether something (a world) is low or high energy
- natural tendency to avoid low-energy worlds
- understanding that should such highly advanced people get involved in
   a low-energy world, their energy can get negatively affected and they can fall

Until very recently earth calibrated below the level of integrity, that is it was in
a negative state.   Even these days the energy calibration of this world is fairly low.
Aliens that would become aware of earth would be able to discern it very easily
and would avoid this planet.   As an analogy, if you, a decent, clean, intelligent
person would visit a city, and become aware of the city's slums would you go in there?
From a distance you could see the muddy streets, the rough-looking people and
their fighting, the wild dogs, would you visit the place?   Of course not.
Aliens haven't visited earth in a spaceship - that is certain.
However, there have been alien entities (spirits) on this planet.
Some of them not positive, trying to negatively influence people.
Perhaps this is (also) because traveling the universe is innate to a spiritual entity
and thus no long-lasting peace and high spiritual evolvement are needed.
Thus, an entity can travel to a different planet even though it may not be positive.
Of couse, like energies attract like, so a low-energy world is bound to be easier
magnet for lower entities.   That is why it's vital for every person to keep their energy,
their health, at the highest possible level.   Love protects from negativities.   Many things
need to come harmoniously together for you to be truly loving (healthy).   This website
is dedicated to providing info that helps with that.   The page Good Health Trinity is
a good start.

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