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Originally, baptism had nothing to do with religion; it was a spiritual undertaking.
The individual that performed baptism would help induce an out-of-body experience
in the spiritual seeker.   Of course, the baptizer would first ensure the seeker would
be ready for it = would be in an integrous and congruent state.
As people who have undergone a near death experience (NDE) report, their out-of-body
experience was very positive and significant (life-enhancing).
And so the true baptism offered a centering and grounding experience that helped
the spiritual seeker.   Once you experience the spiritual beyond the body-mind, your
life is altered for ever.
Perhaps this baptizer was the "John the Baptist" the Bible refers to.   Perhaps
it was an one-time deal (as in no other person since has had this ability).   One thing is
for certain - the baptizer channeled an amazing spiritual talent, amazing power.

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