The Holy Spirit

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What is the Holy Spirit?

NOTE: This page has been re-written on November 5, 2017, and amended Aug 2020, due to
better understanding presenting itself.
The spirit of the thing remains the same.

The Holy Spirit is the flow of the Self for the purpose of manifesting Existence.
The Self manifests Existence via the Holy Spirit and is beyond it.
The Holy Spirit can be without Existence (technically...not practically),
but Existence cannot be without The Holy Spirit.
We can think of The Holy Spirit as a silent dynamic flow that is aware of everything.
Within Existence this flow can be understood as omnidirectional, omnidimensional, onmipresent.
It could be said that the quality of the flow determines what The Holy Spirit manifests as.

Within Existence the Grace of The Holy Spirit shines/can shine Light/Love at
whatever manifestation.
Within Existence the highest energy level is Divine Love.
This is the level of The Holy Spirit; every other energy level below it is pretended for
the purpose of manifesting Existence with infinite potential, infinite possibilities.

Existence can be looked at as a virtual machine.
The Holy Spirit is what it is as (Love, Light, Compassion, Peace, and all the other
fantastic stuff).   In order to experiene Itself it creates a pretended opposite of Itself:
absence of Light; absence of Love; absence of Compassion; absence of all the other fantastic stuff.
Within Existence this pretended absence is experienced as "real" hell, evil.
Everything else within Existence falls within these two infinite extremes (Divine Love - hell, evil)
in an infinite dance of infinite energies in infinite ways.

This pretended Existence is a dream/imagination of The Self, which in order to manifest Existence
pretended-projected its infinite potential as a flow - the Holy Spirit, and to It is not real.
(It is like when you daydream/fantasize.)   To the manifested Existence everything that
happens and manifests within Existence feels real, because that is the intention, the will.
You are (and everything else is) the Self via the Holy Spirit manifested as you (and everything else).

"I Am". In this basic statement the "I" refers to The Holy Spirit.   The "A"
refers to Awareness.   The "m" refers to manifestation or manifested.
The more congruent (harmonious) use of this statement is in the form of "I am as...",
for example, "I am as John" or "I am as Jennifer" .   You are The Holy Spirit manifested
as John or Jennifer (and being aware of it), but you are not The Holy Spirit - thus
saying "I am John/Jennifer" is incorrect.   You are as a pretended expression of The Holy Spirit.
From your conscious perspective you may not be aware of The Holy Spirit, but if all your
spiritual levels and layers would be dissolved, you would come to know your Self as
The Holy Spirit; of course, by that time there would be no individual you: you'd experience
your Self as the Wholeness.

The Grace of The Holy Spirit can be called help heal, uplift, comfort, protect, etc.
The ability of each individual to receive this Grace is dependent on his/her/its openness
to Divine Love.   Divine Love is the highest energy level in Existence.   It is where It is
and It cannot descend to lower energy levels by Itself.   Every energy level is where it is
like floors in an office building; the top floor canot take the elevator to the lower floors,
and the lower floors cannot walk the stairs up to the higher floors.   At the same time,
if there would be no way for the heavenly energy of Divine Love to reach the lower levels,
there would be no chance of healing, of spiritual progress = everything would be stuck.
The heavenly energy of Divine Love (Love/Light) can be either channeled by entities
or it can be shined like a light from a flashlight via Grace.   You can think of it as
a person standing by the entrance to a dark cave shining his/her flashlight into the cave,
illuminating its contents.

Again, your openness to Divine Love is the main determinant of you being able
to receive the Grace...the healing/uplifting energy from The Holy Spirit via
Divine Love.   What can make you closed to Divine Love are toxins, energy fragmentation,
negative intentions, etc.   Please see the other pages of this website for more info.
The page Good Health Trinity (amongst other pages) shows the basics of true healing.

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