The Holy Spirit

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What is the Holy Spirit?

There are many levels to Existence; energy levels.
In the book "Power vs. Force" Dr. David R. Hawkins revealed a map of consciousness.
It's an energy scale within which everything in Existence falls.   Everything has it's
innate energy level.   This energy level can be calibrated and revealed via Applied
Kinesiology, or intuited by highly energized individuals.

At the lowest energy level are the hells, and the highest energy level is Divine Love.
As an analogy, one can consider a light bulb connected to a dimmer switch.
At the lowest energy level (hells), the light bulb is off = darkness.
As the energy levels increase, power is applied more and more to the light bulb
and it glows brighter and brighter.   At the highest energy level (Divine Love)
the light bulb is at full power = the most light.

Each energy levels is where it is and cannot be somewhere else, obviously.
Divine Love calibrates at infinity and that level is its home, so to speak.
This physical world calibrates in the low 200s.   By itself, Divine Love cannot
come to this world, to this energy level.   At the same time there needs to be
a way for Divine Love's energy to reach all levels of Existence, otherwise there
would be no chance of healing, no chance of spiritual evolvement.
There are two ways: 1) it can be channeled via entities such as angels and souls;
2) via the Holy Spirit = a direct emanation of energy (Love/Light) from Divine Love.

Using the analogy of the light bulb mentioned above, the Holy Spirit is as the light
emanating from the bright light bulb.   The light bulb itself doesn't move; it doesn't
go to one corner of the room and then to another; it stays put and instead its light
reaches the entire room.   Another analogy would be of a person by a cave's opening
shining a flashlight into the darkness of the cave.   The person stays put at the entrance,
but he can choose how and where to shine the light.   And so the Holy Spirit can be (and is)
directed to where Divine Love (and actually Awareness) see it fit.   Calibrating at infinity,
the Holy Spirit is such a powerful energy that really "no evil can stand in its way".
The best way for you to connect with this amazing energy is to address as many good health
principles as you can (as mentioned on this website), and also by prayer.

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