Beauty and Strength

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You put on a makeup/nice clothes/nice shoes and feel good.
You go for a 10-k run and feel good.
You lift weights or use an exercise machine and feel good.
You look in the mirror and see a smart-looking/sexy person, and feel good.
You look in the mirror and see well-defined muscles, and feel good.
You can lift a 50-pound weight as if it were nothing, and feel good.
You can do great feats physically, and feel good.
You see a person and admire his/her looks, or the big muscles.

All this is built into nature as a part of primitive survival mechanism, and
is not necessarily a sign of good health/congruence (harmony) with the divine.
At a very primitive level, men need to be strong and have a good endurance to
protect and provide for the family/clan  When they look good it increases
the chance of attracting females and passing the genes on.
When women look good, it increases their chance of attracting a male and
starting a family.
This could have been useful in the middle ages, but now that the physical
survivalism has been transcended and the energy of the world
has increased, it's not necessary....and definitely not healthy.

People wishing to progress spiritually need to realize this...understand this.
The divine is not interested in your biceps, if you can run a marathon, or
if you look sexy, per se.  The divine is more interested in your state of being,
freeness from toxins, wholeness.  In truth, 99.99% of all people would
benefit more from a gentle daily exercise, and paying more attention to
their internal beauty rather than the external one.  People are full of unresolved
emotional/spiritual issues and toxicity that should be addressed first, before
any attempt for strenuous exercise, or external beautification.
People that are free of toxins, and are whole, look beautiful automatically; their
internal peace, balance, and wholeness glow like the sun and are perceptible
by other people; then if they decide to put on some sexy clothes or build bigger muscles
it may make more sense.  Though such internally-balanced people are not usually
attracted to sexiness, hard muscles, super physical endurance (not to be confused
with elegance beauty, good muscle tone, and reasonable fitness).

Until quite recently it was next to impossible to reliably tell what was "good"
for the person and what was "bad".  Now with Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
it is easy to check whatever (exercise, diet, intentions, plans, beauty products, clothes, etc)
for benefit/congruence.  In the absence of NET, muscle-strength testing as described
in Dr. David R. Hawkins' books can be used, though it may not be as reliable as NET.
NET is primarily intended to help resolve emotional/spiritual issues that accumulate especially
in the subconscious.  NET can also help detect toxicity and help resolve it.

This website is dedicated to providing information vital for good health and spiritual growth.
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Note: Daily gentle exercise is beneficial and needed for good health.

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