Spiritual Revelations, Realizations,
  Notes - Miscellaneous

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Here is a miscellaneous collection of spiritual notes, revelations and realizations, in no particular order.

The Holy Spirit (the Only Spirit) is the flow of the Self for the purpose of manifesting existence.

This experience is pretended; the beingness is real.

Entrainment by the Self.

Realization of the Self = Self-realization = enlightenment (via entrainment by the Self).

As to awareness, what is real is always "on", doesn't/cannot blank out,
go to sleep, be in an altered state or oblivion.
Unenlightened person's awareness is the pretended awareness,
projected/imagined by the Self.

With focus/concentration there is tension;
with awareness there is relaxation.

When "something" is surrendered, the energy that went into "it" naturally
flows up into the highest expression possible under the circumstances (is uplifted).
This is because of the divine intent that the flow of existence is "upward".

Beliefs can lead to accepting false things and thus contribute to spiritual and
emotional issues; those then can take on life of their own until resolved.
At the same time, there are certain universal spiritual/good health principles
set forth by the Self that need to be observed to maintain good flow (health),
irrespective of beliefs.

As an aid to better understanding the flow of existence/creation, this analogy
can be considered:
River.   The Self as the water; the Holy Spirit as the flow of the water;
the individual experiences as the currents/eddies within the river's flow.
- "the individual experiences" include all the persons, angels, gods, entities, events, etc.

Love, Joy, Bliss, Awareness are aspects/qualities of the Self and thus are absolutes.
Important note:   if a state of being is presented that lacks these qualities,
it is a pretended state and thus best to ignore.

If all your layers of being would dissolve; that is if your body would dissolve,
then your soul would dissolve, etc.;   then you would find yourself to be the Self,
the Ultimate, the Creator.   In other words, you are the Self, the Creator,
observing the pretended Creation through a unique point of observation - one of
infinity observation points.   You now consider this unique point of observation
to be you - the body, the mind, the soul, but that's a case of mistaken identity,
not understanding your true nature.   You are not aware of your true nature,
because your act of observation is pointed outwards, into the imagined existence.
If your observing would also point inwards, you would realize your true nature - that
of being the Self, the Ultimate, the Creator.   The capacity of being, of consciousness,
of awareness, is the capacity of the Self alone;   everything else is just a pretended
dream/creation and pretended things cannot be conscious by themselves; that's the kingdom of
the Self alone.   (If you imagine a daydream/fantasy - say people playing on a beach -
within your dream the people can interact in endless ways, but they are conscious because
you provide the consciousness;   if you'd withdraw your consciousness from
the daydream/fantasy, it would instantly dissolve.   The same with the Self and Existence.)
Again, the real "you", the true Self, is the being-ness observing Existence.
Note: the silent meditation is a good way to start pointing the act of observing inwards.

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