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Here is a miscellaneous collection of spiritual notes, revelations and realizations, in no particular order.

The Holy Spirit (the Only Spirit) is the flow of the Self for the purpose of manifesting existence.

This experience is pretended; the beingness is real.

Entrainment by the Self.

Realization of the Self = Self-realization = enlightenment (via entrainment by the Self).

As to awareness, what is real is always "on", doesn't/cannot blank out,
go to sleep, be in an altered state or oblivion.
Unenlightened person's awareness is the pretended awareness,
projected/imagined by the Self.

With focus/concentration there is tension;
with awareness there is relaxation.

When "something" is surrendered, the energy that went into "it" naturally
flows up into the highest expression possible under the circumstances (is uplifted).
This is because of the divine intent that the flow of existence is "upward".

Beliefs can lead to accepting false things and thus contribute to spiritual and
emotional issues; those then can take on life of their own until resolved.
At the same time, there are certain universal spiritual/good health principles
set forth by the Self that need to be observed to maintain good flow (health),
irrespective of beliefs.

As an aid to better understanding the flow of existence/creation, this analogy
can be considered:
River.   The Self as the water; the Holy Spirit as the flow of the water;
the individual experiences as the currents/eddies within the river's flow.
- "the individual experiences" include all the persons, angels, gods, entities, events, etc.

Love, Joy, Bliss, Awareness are aspects/qualities of the Self and thus are absolutes.
Important note:   if a state of being is presented that lacks these qualities,
it is a pretended state and thus best to ignore.

If all your layers of being would dissolve; that is if your body would dissolve,
then your soul would dissolve, etc.;   then you would find yourself to be the Self,
the Ultimate, the Creator.   In other words, you are the Self, the Creator,
observing the pretended Creation through a unique point of observation - one of
infinity observation points.   You now consider this unique point of observation
to be you - the body, the mind, the soul, but that's a case of mistaken identity,
not understanding your true nature.   You are not aware of your true nature,
because your act of observation is pointed outwards, into the imagined existence.
If your observing would also point inwards, you would realize your true nature - that
of being the Self, the Ultimate, the Creator.   The capacity of being, of consciousness,
of awareness, is the capacity of the Self alone;   everything else is just a pretended
dream/creation and pretended things cannot be conscious by themselves; that's the kingdom of
the Self alone.   (If you imagine a daydream/fantasy - say people playing on a beach -
within your dream the people can interact in endless ways, but they are conscious because
you provide the consciousness;   if you'd withdraw your consciousness from
the daydream/fantasy, it would instantly dissolve.   The same with the Self and Existence.)
Again, the real "you", the true Self, is the being-ness observing Existence.
Note: the silent meditation is a good way to start pointing the act of observing inwards.

The tendency of the mind is to oscillate between pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness.
The home, centred, relaxed state of being is experienced as peace with love;
pleasure and happiness, pain and sadness are egotistic (mind-based) transitory
experiences.   The loving peace state is not in the middle between pleasure
and pain, or happiness and sadness, but is beyond it.   The mind of the person
in the loving peace state is freed from the pleasure-pain and happiness-sadness
oscillations; in this liberated state joy and bliss can be experienced.

The spiritual path of negation vs. the spiritual path of surrender.
Negation can be summarized as refusing/rejecting/letting go of things that
are deemed as "not true" or "not real".
Surrender is letting go of all attachments to everything.
Negation can lead to mistakenly negate/reject God or some aspect/quality of God.
Obviously, rejecting God or some aspect of it would be detrimental to the person's
spiritual evolvement.
Surrendering is safer, because nothing is rejected.   Only attachments are let
go of.   When all attachments are surrendered, that which is real, what is the truth,
naturally rises to the surface.   Enlightened individuals say that even the attachment
to life has to be surrendered in order to attain to enlightenment.   When the attachment
to life is surrendered, the only "real thing", the Self, comes naturally
through - that is enlightenment.

It is intrinsic to the human condition that the mind strives to explain things.
This may be helpful to some degree as far as the physical world is concerned,
but it falls short when the divine is concerned.   Trying to explain "why god allows this...",
"why am I suffering like this...", "what is the meaning of this...", etc., inevitably
leads to false conclusions/reasoning, and also is an entrapment by negative energies.
Enlightened people teach that whatever the mind believes is false at the higher levels of
awareness.   The mind lacks the overall view the divine has, plus is driven by emotions,
so false reasoning is guaranteed.
Dr. Hawkins said that Existence is just.   God is love...unconditional love, period.
Dr. Hawkins recommended surrendering to God everything but peace and love; this includes
surrendering reasoning about "why me...", "how God can...", etc.
Note:   contemplating (intuiting) the divine, and meditating on the divine are
different from reasoning and are highly recommended.

Time, other measurements, or a flow (of events, energy, etc.) require a reference point,
which is possible by pretending within Existence, but to the Self it has no reality.
The Self, or Beingness, is the only "thing" that there really is, so from
where would it move/flow to?

The Self imagines consciousness via the Holy Spirit.
Consciousness is an energy field of infinite potential, out of which
manifestations are "molded".

The Holy Spirit can be looked at as the executive arm of the Self.

Every time you tighten up, tense, positivity is squeezed out and
healthy breath is blocked.   Every time you relax, positivity is allowed in along with healthy breath.   When positivity and healthy breath come in, negativity is reduced.
Note: relaxing based on healthy breathing, detoxification, and
surrender, not drugs.

Technically, enlightenment is possible in any geographical location and place.
Technically, the spiritual seeker doesn't need to travel to special places.
Enlightenment is a flowering of the spiritual seeker's internal processes, so to speak.
Practically, however, it is much more challenging to attain to enlightenment in
low-energy (low-positivity) places, as the low-energiness (low-positivity) of the place
induces counter-productive thoughts, feelings, and tension in the mind.
While these can be surrendered, they present further distraction on the already
challenging path to enlightenment.   Thus, seeking positive and
inspirational places is beneficial towards enlightenment.

On the straight-and-true way to God there are no monsters,
no gargoyles, no beasts, no demons, and no things to fear.
Divine Love is present.

Identification with "whatever" is an anchor,
in the way of spiritual progress.
Identification can only be done with observables.
In other words, what cannot be observed cannot be identified
with.   What cannot be observed is The True Reality,
which is experienced.
What can be observed is a pretended manifestation, however
subtle or refined it may be.
Divine Love, Joy, Bliss, Awareness are/can be experienced,
but not observed, for they are qualities of Divinity,
The True Reality.

At higher levels of consciousness the concept of fear - love
doesn't exits; there is lovingness, which is automatic and
omnipresent - a radiance of The Self (the Creator).
When there is a talk about Love, it's because there is a possibility
of its lack/opposite (even though it's pretended).
At higher levels of consciousness discussing love is not necessary.

A question/attitude may arise whether one is worthy of God's Love
(or Joy or Bliss).   This is an egotistic question/attitude (aka nonsense)
and is quickly dispelled with the realization/understanding that
one is Divinity expressed as that particular person/soul.
So when rephrased as "is Divinity worthy of God's Love (or Joy or Bliss)?"
the ridiculousness of that becomes apparent.   You may not be aware of
your divinity, and that's due to the ego that looks "outwards" via
the senses.   When the ego is dissolved via the process called enlightenment,
the reality of one's source being the Divine becomes obvious (there is awareness of
what is "inwards").

When the body is short on nutrients, fed things that it doesn't "like",
or forced to do things that are not harmonious with it (like under or
over exercising), it contributes to stress in the body, emotions get
generated and recorded in the body; as a consequence life energy doesn't flow
as smoothly through the body-system and the mind gets more busy.
This can present a further challenge to peace and meditativeness
on the path to enlightenment.   The path to enlightenment can be
challenging enough without these extra added challenges.   It's like
trying to listen to classical music by a busy airport; it can be done,
but the loud noises from the jet engines make it more challenging.

Caution/awareness needs to be exercised always as to what is held
in the mind, as it immediately starts attracting like thoughts/
energies/feelings.   A seemingly "innocent" doubtful
thought or feeling can very quickly snowball into a negative drama,
That's why illuminated people say, hold in the mind what you would
like more of.
As a corollary, with media and the Internet being full of emotional
drama and sensationalism, these negative energies can quickly entrain
the viewer's mind in a negative, destructive way.   It is beneficial
to stay away from this stuff.
If you catch your mind being entrained by something negative, a positive
prayer/affirmation can help counter the slip, even such a "simple"
phrase as "Divine Love".   Of course, it's important to
discontinue the negative entrainment.   For example, if you watch
something and observe your mind getting busy with negative thoughts or
feelings, discontinuing the entertainment along with the positive
prayer/affirmation is the way to go; just saying the positive prayer
and then continuing watching the same entertainment wouldn't help much.

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