Hindu Caste System

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The Hindu caste system is another very good example of how originally positive
pieces of information got twisted into a backward way of living, by ignorance,
naivete, and stupidity.
In a simplified way, according to the caste system people are born into the caste
the parents belong to.   That affects the person's occupations, choice of spouse,
and other aspects of the person's life.   Doing something against the caste's
rules and norms can result in a punishment, including physical harm.
More information about the Hindu case system can be found elsewhere.

Let's untwist this backwardness and look at the source.

Every individual is born with a certain spiritual energy level, that is a certain
level of spiritual evolvement.   This level can even be revealed, calibrated,
as Dr. David Hawkins shows in his highly energized (and recommended) books
(starting with the book "Power vs. Force").
An individual's life is a physical manifestation of his/her spiritual evolvement
(energy level).

It is very likely that a low energy individual will be employed
in some menial job, and that a higher energy individual will have a much nicer,
better payed job.   Having a highly evolved person clean toilets or assemble
cardboard boxes may be a waste of talent, as such a high spiritual energy person
is intelligent and smart.   Having a low energy (low spiritual evolvement) person
do a job with high responsibilities would be a recipe for disaster, as such a person
lacks intelligence, and if there is smartness, it is directed towards the person's
narcissistic goals (greed, want to control, disregard for life).
Thus, understanding the level of spiritual evolvement of the job applicant can help
placing the applicant in a position that will benefit the company in the most positive

When it comes to relationships, the most happiness will be experienced
by people of similar spiritual energy level.   Having a low energy individual living
with a high energy individual would drive both crazy: the low energy individual wouldn't
be able to understand the high energy one, and while the high energy individual would be
able to understand the low energy one, he/she would be unhappy in the relationship,
because the ways of the low energy person would be more rough, more unhealthy,
more mean.   Children of low energy couples are very likely to be low energy entities,
and children of high energy couples are very likely to be high energy entities;
it is highly unlikely a Buddha or Christ would be born to lowly evolved parents,
and it is highly unlikely a negative child would be born to highly evolved parents.

When it comes to entertainment and socialization, low spiritual energy people gravitate
towards more primitive and rough stuff.   For example: rap, heavy metal, hip hop, boxing,
WWE, mixed martial arts fights, action movies, violent computer games, discussing disasters
and accidents, playing "what if..." games, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs,
listening to loud music, being indoor people, or if going outdoors making noise (loud motor
vehicles or playing loud music) etc.
High energy people gravitate towards more uplifting and elegant stuff. For example:
classical and easy listening music, positive non-violent movies, ballroom dancing,
beautiful arts, uplifting humor, meditation, enjoyment of nature in a quiet way, discussing
things in positive ways, etc.
Low spiritual energy individuals have little discernment in what tools they use, what
people they meet, and what they ingest.
High spiritual energy individuals do their best to use the healthiest tools, meet
the most positive people, and ingest the most healthy food/drink.

As it is evident, the spiritual evolvement level of each individual is very telling and
it serves the society the best when each individual is in his/her natural place.
Especially when low spiritual evolvement people end up in "higher" places,
problems manifest.   For example: a low spiritual energy cashier is very likely to steal
some of the money; a low spiritual energy mayor of a town is likely to be corrupted and
not care about the people; a low spiritual energy teacher is likely to affect the students
negatively and even possibly to abuse them; a low spiritual energy boss is likely to
be mean to the employees and to play favoritism; a low spiritual energy political leader
is likely to wage wars and to tax people to death.
In many cases the placement of an individual within the society occurs naturally, as
an object in water maintains the depth based on its buoyancy.   At the same time it is
evident from the history that there have been enough of cases when this natural
placement had not occurred and disasters have ensued (wars, dictatorships, intentional
misleading and manipulation of people by religious leaders, abusive teachers/coaches, etc.)

It is possible for a low spiritual energy person to heal and raise his/her energy,
so he/she becomes a higher evolved individual.
As well, it is possible for a highly evolved individual to fall - to loose his/her energy.
Therefore, when dealing with people (and things) it is very beneficial to be consciously
aware of their energy level so they can be treated and dealt with properly.
This biblical saying alludes to it:
"Do not give holy things to the dogs; and do not throw your pearls before the swine,
for they might tread them with their feet, and then turn and rend you."
"Holy" and "pearls" = things that are above the energy level of the individual and
that the individual cannot understand.
"Dogs" and "pigs" = people and energies in a low energy, low intelligence state,
that not only cannot understand the higher (more evolved) answers, but due to their
low intelligence are likely to distort and misuse them.

It is obvious that the healthy pieces of information above are a far cry from the unhealthy
Hindu caste system.
This website is dedicated to presenting positive answers that help with raising one's energy
level, healing, and maintaining good health.

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