Accepting Gifts

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This page is loosely related to the page "Possession by Possessions"

It is important to beware of gifts offered by people of lower energy (lower energy
in respect to love).   Usually we can feel this lower energy-ness; we can tell something
is not "right" with the individual. This "not right-ness" of the person is a certain energy
quality the individual manifests/channels/projects; in other words, bad vibes.
These bad vibes can affect the gift and you via the gift.   (Energy can be transferred
from an individual to an object and via it to another individual.)
For example:
- you have a cordial work relationship with one of your coworkers, but
    you can tell there is something not feeling good about the person. One day the
person gives you a gift.
- one of your relatives is a person you prefer to avoid. He/she gives you a gift.
- you are traveling somewhere and you need to find lodgings. You ask in a restaurant
    if they know about some hotel or motel. One of the locals offers you a bed for free.
    There is something about the person that doesn't feel completely OK, even though
    you cannot put your finger on it.
- you are offered food or drink by someone whom you don't feel comfortable with.
- a person you don't like offers to lend you the money you need.

Sometimes it may not be easy to refuse the gift, so what to do?
Of help can be writing a high-energy prayer, such as the Love Prayer, on a piece
of paper and attaching it to the gift until you can either test it or throw it away
discreetly.   The best to test the energy of the gift is to take it to a doctor that
performs Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).   Another way of testing the gift is by using
Applied Kinesiology, as explained by Dr. David R. Hawkins in the book "Power
vs. Force" and some of his other works
(though the "danger" of using
Applied Kinesiology at home is that if your energy system is blocked or
switched, you may receive wrong answers; doctors that perform NET know how
to detect and correct such conditions, thus NET is much more reliable).
Also praying for protection is important; for example:
"Thank you Divine Love for protection from all negativities affecting this gift."
If you cannot test the gift via NET or A.K., it's safer to throw it away, regardless of its
material value (again, this goes for gifts offered by lower-energy people, even though
it's beneficial to test all gifts).

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