Christ and the Bible

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Could Christ or any other individual incarnated on Earth perform
the miracles that are attributed to them (walking on water; feeding
many people; parting a sea; changing water to wine; bringing to life
the dead; instantly healing the blind, the lame, the lepers; etc.)?

No, such miracles cannot be performed by anyone who is incarnated
on Earth, regardless of his/her spiritual evolvement.

Are any of the individuals mentioned in the Bible, the way they are portrayed
in the Bible, factual historical individuals?

No, they are not.

Are any of the events mentioned in the Bible's New Testament
factual historical events?

No, they are not.

Are any of the events mentioned in the Bible's Old Testament
factual historical events?

Yes, there are some factual historical events in the Old Testament,
but it is less than 1%.

Are any of the events and people mentioned in the Genesis and Exodus
factual historical events and people?

No, they are not.

Did the biblical Jesus Christ exist (the way he is portrayed in the Bible)?

No, he did not exist.

Was there Christ?

Yes. There was Christ.

When did he live?

In of our early incarnations.   In other words, when the incarnations
as we know them now started on Earth...about two trillion years ago.

Why did he come...why did he incarnate?

In our early incarnations things started getting out of hand, spiraling out of control.
Christ was the highest energized Being (1000 on the energy calibration scale,
if you read other pages of this website or the highly-recommended book "Power
vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins).   An 1000-energized individual has enough
positive energy to counter-balance the poor energies of everyone in the world.
Also, he had certain answers that were needed for those that wanted to heal.
Love of Loves (God of Gods) asked him to come (to incarnate).
He paved the way to unconditional love and even enlightenment for
others to follow

Who was (is) he?

He was a Divine energy incarnating on Earth.

What was his life like (within the scope of his purpose here on Earth)?

After he became enlightened in his mid teens, he began speaking about health and life
issues in a similar way Osho or David R. Hawkins did.
That attracted individuals who were interested in
the answers he was giving.   He had hundreds of followers at home and abroad.
Because his true answers went against the authorities, he was bullied and imprisoned.

A note to those who would think that in the first incarnation we lived in caves
and hunted with stone axes: have a glass of V8 juice and go see a chiropractor,
and an NET practitioner.

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