Divide, Conquer, and Rule

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You, as the soul incarnated here on Earth, have a loving center, loving Self.
What or who ever within your universe (everything that is related to your
experience on Earth) is congruent, in harmony, with your loving Self strengthens you,
helps you be healthy/healthier.   When something or someone that is not congruent,
in harmony, with your loving Self enters your universe, it can potentially weaken you,
hurt you.   How much this incongruent, disharmonious, thing or individual affects you
depends on your spiritual strength = how much positive energy you have = how healthy
you are = how healthy your nervous system is.

OK, so now you understand that to remain positively energized, spiritually strong,
healthy, you need to connect with positive, congruent, loving, harmonious stuff and
folks. In order to know what is positive, congruent, loving, and harmonious, you need
- 'is this thing good for I?'
- 'is this individual truly positive, or is he/she just pretending?'
These answers come from all levels of existence: from Divine Loves (Gods); from your
higher Selves (Godly, Angelic, Higher); from other positive Beings and individuals;
and even from positive things.   All this happens at the super-conscious, subconscious,
and conscious levels.

When you are healthy, spiritually strong, and have true answers, you are basically
Now, let's side-step a little.
We all need energy to live.   Most of this life-giving energy comes not from food, but
from Divine Loves (Gods) and other positive sources.
Negative individuals and energies get very little, if any, energy from Divine Loves
(Gods) and other positive sources.   So, in order to survive and continue with their
negativities they take it away from anyone and anything they can = they steal it.
This is the end of the side-step.

Well, you being invincible (when you are truly healthy) and the negative individuals
and energies trying to steal your energy is a no-game.   They cannot steal your energy.
The only way they accomplish that is if they weaken you.   To do that, they try to give
you false answers = lies.   When you ignore the lies, the false answers, they are
powerless against you.   However, if you accept a lie, a false answer, a false piece of
information, it creates an incongruence, a disharmony, in you: your true center and
an accepted, believed, lie don't match.   Out of your ease a dis-ease is created.
When this incongruence, disharmony, happens, you are weakened and thus possibly
opened to being negatively affected = your energy stolen, and possibly other negative
stuff being fed to you.   If this negative scenario gets too far, your energy might
collapse, and then you become like a little sail boat caught on a rough sea.

These negative attempts go on at both the conscious and subconscious levels.
Another name for these negative attempts could be "divide, conquer, and rule".
First, the negative entity tries to divide you by giving you a false answer, a false piece
of information.   When you accept it, it divides you: your true, positive center vs. the
false, negative answer; because you accepted the false answer, it became a part of your
universe, thus your true universe vs. your false universe = division.
When you are divided, you are weakened, thus you can be conquered = controlled.
When you are controlled, you can be told what, how, when, and you do it = ruled.

An example of this "divide, conquer, and rule" scenario:

Divide - feeding you false answers from many directions that you can spread the flu
             and that you should get a flu shot.

Conquer - you accepted the false answers into your universe and you got a flu shot.
                Flu shots are highly toxic, very negative energy. Negative entities have
               gained a foothold in you and now may be able to steal your energy and/or
               feed you more negativities via the connection this toxic flu shot has opened.

Rule - depending on the state of your health, the negative energies might be able to
          control you and thus you might live your life, or a part of your life, according to
          what they dictate to you, rather than how you want to live it.

Another example:

Divide - feeding you false answers that your (or some) country needs defending and
             you need to do your human duty to join the military and defend peace.

Conquer - you accepted the false answers into your universe and joined the military.
                Everything in the military is designed to conquer you - to suppress your
                intelligence and intellect: the drills; the constant emotional and spiritual
                abuse; the weapons that can connect you with nasty energies in
                the subconscious world; the programming of your mind with negative intent
                (fight, shoot, kill, maim, interrogate, get the "bad" guy, etc.).

Rule - you do everything you're told by your commanding officer, even if it is
          completely against human decency. You become a human robot.

The most successful divide scenario is to create a negative emotion in you.
Such an emotion might get recorded in your energy system and thus open a permanent
channel for negative affection of you, until that negative emotion gets resolved (about
that later on, please read on).
Examples of negative emotions are:   pride; anger; desire; fear; grief; apathy; guilt;
shame; living through others; suppressed will; sorrow; paralyzed will; self-worth;
worry; loneliness; aloneness; desire; hate.

When some low-energy emotion is introduced in you, it creates dis-ease, incongruence,
disharmony.   As it is an unnatural state of being, it doesn't feel good, you want to
resolve it so ease, congruence, and harmony are re-established.   To do that you need
the answers how to accomplish that.   When the answer is given lovingly, honestly,
the dividing issue is resolved and all is peachy.   However, when your state of dis-ease,
incongruence, disharmony is exploited by an unloving, manipulating entity, the answers
provided are false, leading to further divisions within your Being.   If you fall for this
unloving manipulation, you become controlled by the manipulator, in other words,
he/she conquers you.   Unless all these divisions and attempts to conquer you are
resolved quickly, you may end up being in such a mess, that you lose your intelligence,
your health, the sight of your Self, and you become a human robot.
In that case you believe everything the manipulator(s) feed you, you give them power
over your Self and your life, and you do what they want you to do.   That is the reason
the society is so sick.   Too many people have fallen for the "divide, conquer, and rule"
scenario.   The good news is that once you realize that it's what's happening, and
you connect with a source of loving answers, all this can be quickly and successfully

The unloving entities employing this divide, conquer, and rule scenario maintain this
sick status quo by coming up with new false answers, especially when the old ones start
wearing off.

This divide, conquer, and rule scenario may exist at all levels:
- society (terrorism, global warming, threats of diseases, not being safe, economical
  pressure, racism, things that support separateness - for example, borders, states, flags,
  national anthems, pledges of allegiance, false concepts such as Santa Claus, biblical
  Jesus birth and crucifixion, morals, laws, false information about health)
- religions (going to Hell, incarnating as an animal or insect, living in damnation,
  having to access God via an intermediary, being a wretch, being unworthy, somebody
  else being responsible, you relax - we take care of you, rituals, dogmas, canons,
  morals, judging by God or Christ or whoever else, false religious concepts and stories,
  laws, emotional blackmail, superstition)
- family (emotional blackmail, physical abuse, brainwashing - for example, being born
  into a religious family and having to follow the religion of the parents)
- organization (military, law enforcement, medical, any other)
- relationship (basically the same as family)
- subconscious (this part cannot be sensed with the five physical senses, but
  it can be sensed and resolved via Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET)
- some individuals may create this scenario within themselves (again, this can be
  detected and resolved by using NET)

To stay immune from the "devide, conquer, and rule" way, you need your intelligence
and intellect work properly, and you need your nervous system be in a good shape.
Your intelligence and intellect allow you to discern what is false and what is true.
Your properly working nervous system gives you enough juice to power your
intelligence and intellect, to connect with true, loving answers, to power your spiritual
defenses, to purge stuck emotions, and to deal with emotions as they arise, rather than
having them stuck and saved for a later resolution.

As you can see, it all comes down to your nervous system working properly.
Many things need to come harmoniously together for that to happen.
The intent of this website is to present answers that are the universal foundation of
becoming truly healthy and maintaining that good health.   Please, see the other pages
of this website for more information.   I would like to stress the importance of
chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET (www.netmindbody.com).

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