Confessing Sins

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Without the presence of live teachers, or a reliable internal guidance,
higher-level teachings are bound to degenerate into something silly;
whether the degeneration is caused intentionally by negative entities,
or unintentionally by ignorance and naivete.

An example of this is sin confession.

If you want to confess your sins in a Christian church, you go to a priest,
spill your naughtiness, perhaps receive some counseling, and perhaps
get a homework of repeating some prayers.
While this may offer some relief, some help, it's bound to be shallow,
superficial, because it doesn't address the cause of the naughtiness.
The cause is almost always hiding in the subconscious; the naughtiness,
or whatever other issue, is just a symptom.

Now let's look at Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).   You go to a specially
trained doctor.   You mention that you've done something, or that some issue
(health, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc.) is bothering you.   The doctor
uses NET to find out what is hidden underneath the symptom you mentioned.
When the underlying neuro-emotional block is brought to the surface, the
associated cause can be resolved by using NET.   This either resolves the issue,
or it allows you to move past the issue without being weakened, negatively
affected by it.   Thus the symptom is resolved.
When a situation occurs in your life that you cannot deal with for whatever
reason (lack of energy, lack of support, lack of answers, etc.), its associated
emotion gets stuck/recorded in your body/energy system.   This stuck emotion
is also called neuro-emotional block.   The block inhibits the flow of life energy
in your body/energy system until it is resolved.   The blocks can pile up and
cause serious health issues, because the life energy cannot flow properly
in the area.   Behavior problems and health issues are symptoms of these
blocks and their associated causes.

Some simplified examples:
- your child is hyperactive.   You go to an NET practitioner and it is revealed
  that your child experiences emotional blocks due to toxicity in the child's body.
  NET clears the emotional blocks, and helps reveal what caused the toxicity
  and what the best way of dealing with it is.   By following the recommendation
  the toxicity is resolved and good health is restored.
- you feel anger towards someone, and sometimes you even lash out at
  the person.   You go to an NET practitioner and it is revealed that the person
  affects you in a negative way at the subconscious level.   NET clears the
  associated emotional blocks in you, and helps you seal the holes that allow
  the person to affect you negatively.   The issue is resolved.
- your spouse is afraid of darkness.   A visit to an NET practitioner reveals that
  the underlying emotions are tied to a past life, when your spouse got lost in
  a forrest at night and thus experienced a great distress.   NET clears the
  emotions and thus your spouse's fear of darkness is dissolved.

See the difference?

- it may take a number of visits to an NET doctor to resolve an issue;
  some issue can be very complex.
- it is vital to combine NET with chiropractic; as NET helps unload your
  burdens and be more energized, chiropractic helps you maintain that
  higher energy level.

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