Conversation Between Mr.Wellmeaning
and Mr.Aware

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Conversation between Mr. Wellmeaning and Mr. Aware

Mr. Wellmeaning:   "Hey, yesterday I signed up my son for martial arts
classes; isn't it cool?"

Mr. Aware:   "Not really."

Mr. W.:   "What do you mean 'not really'?   It has great benefits."

Mr. A.:   "Such as?"

Mr. W.:   "He learns how to protect himself, it's a good exercise, it boosts his
self-esteem, it teaches him self-discipline, he learns to control his body.
I know, because when I was younger I studied karate."

Mr. A.:   "What if I can show you that all that is based on not-so-positive
stuff, and that there are much better ways of having all the benefits
you mentioned in a healthier way."

Mr. W.:   "Yeah, right.   Go ahead, I'm ready to be entertained."

Mr. A.: "What kind of intent and thought concept do you generate during
your martial arts training?"

Mr. W.:   "Intent? protect myself in case of an attack; and I don't understand
the 'thought concept' thing."

Mr. A.:   "I will explain, but first about the intent.   When you practice all the
punches, kicks, and whatever else, you basically practice hurting another
person, right?   Even your teacher guides you what will be more effective =
what will hurt more, what will cause more damage to the other, right?"

Mr. W.:   "Well...yeah, but that's to protect my health, my life."

Mr. A.:   "That doesn't change the fact that you're training with negative
intent - to hurt someone else in the most efficient way.   And speaking
about your protection - that ties to the thought concept I asked you about.
When you train for self-defense, you create a thought concept that you
need self-defense, that you can get beaten-up, attacked.   Potentially,
you could even attract such an unpleasant situation to you - like energies
attract like."

Mr. W.:   "But...but...I can understand what you're saying here, but I know of
people who got attacked, and beaten up. Isn't it better to know how to
protect myself so I could get out of situations like that whole and healthy?"

Mr. A.:   "First, we don't consciously understand what caused their situation,
why they got attacked.   Second, we go back to what I said about creating
the thought concept when you think like this."

Mr. W.:   "OK, OK, how about if I go thinking positively, creating the thought concept
of being safe, and then as a part of my fate I get attacked and beaten up?"

Mr. A.:   "If it's part of your life experience to get attacked and beaten up,
if you need to experience that for whatever reason, then it will happen regardless
of your martial arts training; Existence will make sure you will experience
that ordained attack in the way you need to experience it, and no amount
of martial arts training will save you from that.   I've heard of black belts
getting beaten up..."

Mr. W.:   "So there is no way of getting out of it...when it's part of my fate, I mean."

Mr. A.:   "Well, when you learn the lesson, when you come to the understanding you
need to get out of that getting beaten up beforehand, it may not happen - you may
avoid it.   For example, let's say that in a previous life you attacked someone
and caused him pain and suffering.   And let's say that before you incarnated
to this life you made plans for getting attacked in a similar way so you can
experience and understand how it is to be in that pain and suffering.   And let's say
that you come to that understanding through different, non-violent, means before
the planned attack - there is a good chance that the attack won't happen."

Mr. W.:   "That sounds good.   So what non-violent means that would be?"

Mr. A.:   "I cannot answer that without seeing the whole picture, having all the
necessary answers.   One thing is certain, though: taking a good care of your
health and evolving spiritually would definitely help.   I know for sure that
Neuro-Emotional Technique helps resolve disharmonious issues, and thus
may contribute towards avoiding unpleasant situations."

Mr. W.:   "Alright, I'm willing to capitulate on this one, but the other points I made
still remain."

Mr. A.:   "You can get those benefits from other things.   Other sports offer the
benefits of exercise, fitness, control of the body; and some of them in a gentler
way.   For example, dancing or gymnastics teach you to control your body
(pretty much every part of it) in a more relaxed, healthier way."

Mr. W.:   "Dude, you're not giving me much wiggle room here.   But here are two
that are hard to beat - the self-esteem and the self-discipline.   It feels good
to know that I, or my son, can calmly and self-assuredly go where we want
to without fear, without looking over our shoulders, so to speak."

Mr. A.:   "Ha, I'm going to take apart these, too.   First about the self-esteem.
Who experiences this good feeling (that comes out of your fighting abilities)?"

Mr. W.:   "I do, of course, me."

Mr. A.:   "Who's the "me"?"

Mr. W.:   "What kind of question is this?   It's me - John W."

Mr. A.:   "Eh, what I mean is - do you think your soul, your spirit, is interested
in feeling good due to having good fighting abilities?"

Mr. W.:   "Errrr.....I don't know..."

Mr. A.:   "Your soul is more interested in things that resonate with love.   I don't
think that good fighting abilities, and good feeling coming out of that, resonate
with love, do you?"

Mr. W.:   "Hm, probably not."

Mr.A.:   "So then, who experiences the good feeling, the self-esteem, if not your soul?
The only thing left is the ego.   So the ego gets a boost out of learning how to fight
and knowing that nobody better touch you, or else... How great is that?   How does
it help you spiritually?"

Mr. W.:   "........."

Mr. A.:   "You can get a good feeling, self-esteem, come out of your centre, your soul,
and that is much more precious, much more authentic, and much more useful.   It
will also stay with you beyond your current life, while the ego will dissolve at the
end of your life, and with it all the false self-esteems and false good feelings."

Mr. W.:   "So how do I know what sport is good for me, or my son, and is not
a product of the ego?"

Mr. A.:   "It would be something that you, or your son, really enjoy doing while being
harmonious with love.   For example, violent sports such as boxing and american
football, are not harmonious with love, because they are so violent; they are ego
sports.   On the other hand, sports such as baseball, gymnastics, dancing, are
peaceful, good-natured, and thus they are congruent with love.
You and your son can use Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) to find out what sports
resonate with you; that way you know for sure.
When it comes to self-discipline, true self-discipline is a by-product of intelligence.
And so is self-esteem, actually.   Intelligence can work only if you and your son
are healthy.   There is a great website that has lots of information about that:   If you want to find the closest Neuro-Emotional Technique doctor,
go to this website:
As you and your son heal and raise your spiritual energy higher and higher,
the chances of encountering violent situations (such as getting beaten up, robbed,
abused, accidents, etc.) will diminish, and you will feel better and better."

Mr. W.:   "That sound good, but I feel good, healthy, and so does my son.
We are both reasonably fit.   So why this talk about healing?"

Mr. A.:   "If you didn't need any healing, you wouldn't be here on Earth.   In other
words, your being here means that you have something to heal, something to work on.
It's great that you guys feel good, fit, and healthy, but a lot of stuff goes on in
your subconscious, and you might not be consciously aware that there is an
issue until a physical problem - a symptom - develops.   That's why NET is
so important - it can detect what's going on in the subconscious and help you
heal it.   As well, chiropractic, proper nutrition and detoxifying (and staying away
from toxins) are vital in getting your nervous system in a good shape.
It's your nervous system that holds everything together.  If you think you feel good
now, wait until you raise your energy higher - that will feel so much better."

Please, see the other pages of this website for more info on healing.

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