Fools, Barbarians, and Intelligent People

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Fools want to blame, barbarians want to punish, intelligent people wish to heal.

When an individual opens his/her eyes a little bit more, he/she comes
to understand that there is nobody and nothing to blame in whatever
happens, and that a punishment is not only ineffective, but it is
actually a barbarous revenge of blind people; the only effective
way how to resolve something disharmonious, unloving, is through
healing.   This is because inside each individual is a loving spirit.
If the individual does something destructive, it is because he/she
has become disconnected from his/her loving spirit, and only healing
can connect the person with his/her loving spirit, and thus bring
harmony and manifest positive actions.
A punishment cannot reconnect the person with his/her loving spirit.
A punishment is a violent affliction of the offender, and violence
cannot heal - violence can only deepen the chasm between
the offender's loving spirit and his/her out-of-control mind.

So what's the point of punishing?   The point is that it makes some
people feel good, it's pleasing to their egos.
The ego (or false self) is basically based on conflict, on disharmony,
on division, on unlove.   Whether this conflict is pointed inwards
within the individual, or projected outwards and towards other people
doesn't matter to the ego.   As long as there is some kind of a conflict,
some kind of violence, some kind of unlovingness, the ego can exist
and thrive.   Thus it is the ego, the false self of the individual, that
wants to punish = to take a revenge = to strengthen itself by creating
more unlove, more disharmony = creating more division within
the (egoistic) individual = cutting him/her off from the source of life,
from Divine Loves (Gods).   Yes, there is a big price to pay for
egoism.   The stronger the ego is, the farther away from his/her
true Self the individual is.
The more egoistic someone is, the less energized he/she is.
The less energized someone is, the more negative, destructive, he/she is.
The more negative someone is, the less spiritually evolved he/she is.

On the page Crime and Healing is more information on
how to help offenders heal.

One thing needs to be looked at, however: what a punishment is, and what
a healthy kick in the butt (so to speak) is.
There are instances when a kick in the butt can be healthy, positive.   It can
serve as a wake-up call.
For example, if a parent catches his child trying to set their house on fire, and
the father gives his son a smack on the bum right away, it can be very beneficial
for the boy.   He was very likely affected by something negative, and the smack
on the bum can either snap him out of the negative state, or it can send
a message to the negative energy that was affecting the boy to get out.
Then it would be beneficial to visit a doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional
Technique (NET)
and resolve the issue.
In this instance the smack on the butt is not a punishment, but
a wake-up call.
On the other hand, when a criminal is caught, tried and sentenced
to a lengthy prison term or the death penalty, that is a punishment.
That is treating violence with violence - two "wrongs" cannot create
a "right".   Yes, the criminal might have to be taken away from the
society, but then he/she should be healed as described
on the page Crime and Healing. See the beauty of
the healing?   It is very possible than in some length of time (whether weeks,
months, or years) the person would heal sufficiently to be completely safe,
and contribute positively.   Doesn't that beat rotting in a prison or being
legally murdered (the death penalty)?
That is why intelligent people wish for others to heal: that's the only path
to living in peace and safety.
The beauty of NET is that it can also help reveal how to deal with
an offender in the most constructive way.

Now about blaming.
With true healing (as opposed to superficial healing by using drugs and
other invasive treatments) comes the realization that it is virtually
impossible to point fingers, to assign blame.   When you see the
trail of affections that underline each unloving act, you come
to understand that nobody and nothing can be blamed.
For example, let's consider a guy who murders someone.
The trail of affections leading to the murder might look
like this:
- the guy's mind was out-of-control
- because his energy system was fragmented
- because he was nutritionally depleted
- because his parents fed him lots of junk food and then
    he started smoking and drinking alcohol
- and that smoking and alcohol drinking crumbled his spiritual
    self-defense system
- because nobody educated him that drinking alcohol and smoking
    could affect him so negatively
- and because his spiritual self-defense system collapsed,
    he was affected by negative energies
- and there was nobody that could help him detect and heal
    that negative energy affliction
- and even if there was someone, he still has to connect
    with that doctor
- how can he connect with the doctor when he's out of control, and
    if he was asked, he would very likely refuse to see the doctor?
- because he's out of control in the first place, and he really doesn't
    know what he's doing
- because he is controlled by negative energies that have no
    interest in him healing
- oops, a Catch 22 situation
- oh, wait a minute, how come there is nobody that could snap him
    out of this destructive circle, to break this crazy cycle?
- well, one way to snap him out of it would be if he were surrounded
    by highly energized people, that would basically uplift him and he
    would choose to see that doctor
- how come there are no such highly energized people around him?
- oh, the society is in a state that doesn't support true healing and
    giving people true answers on how to be free and healthy
- whom do we blame now? Hey, why not the politicians, the religious
    leaders, and their masters?
- ah, they too are out of control, being toxic and puppets of other negative
- and the negative energies are negative because they are toxic and
    fragmented and thus they are out of control
- oops number two, another Catch 22 situation
- oh, and let's not forget his parents - they fed him nutritionally deficient food,
    and thus contributed to his sickness
- they did it because they were in a low-energy state themselves, being
    affected by many of the toxins that society creates and thus they
    basically didn't know any better
- so how come their doctors, perhaps the family physicians, didn't help
    them detoxify and educated them to eat properly and take care of their
- perhaps because the doctors were educated by the medical establishment
    keenly supported and controlled by the drug companies, and thus the
    doctors didn't know any better, unless they would search for alternative,
    natural treatments and ways
- also, if the family physicians pushed drugs and vaccines, they got hit
    by the negative energies of the drugs, as well (what energy you send
    out comes back to you), making them more toxic
- toxic doctors cannot help people be truly healthy
- the medical establishment and the drug companies were in such a low
    energy state because they were toxic and controlled by negative
    entities, and thus they were out of control
- here we go in another circle, another Catch 22 situation
- hey, wait a minute, why not to blame Gods?   They are supposed to
    support, guide, and help us.   How come they allow this to happen?
- oh, we agree to this experiment
- and even Gods are not perfect and make mistakes
- so whom to blame now?   Not-perfectness?   That would be foolish.

Please, be aware that was a very simplified, symbolic example.
The play of energies in Existence is so vast and complex
that perhaps only God of Gods and The Holy Spirit can fully
comprehend it.

The thing is that an individual has to choose healing to connect with
the healing ways that exist (Gods help those that help themselves).
However, how does the individual choose healing if he/she
is toxic, fragmented, and affected by negative energies?
Toxic people are ruled by low energies, be it their own lower Selves
and/or external negative energies; and these lower energies have
no desire to heal.   That is why so many people reject natural
ways of healing and are ever so ready to take a drug or get a vaccine,
even though deep inside they know it's not good for them.
Their controlling lower Selves revere in the drama of diseases, accidents,
afflictions, violence, etc.
They are stuck in the rut until basically one of two things happen:
either something positive snaps them out of the rut, or they hit the bottom.
When they hit the bottom they become so desperate that even the rut crumbles
and they are willing to consider an alternative to their negative way of living.

So blaming is foolish and a waste of energy.
However, each of us has his/her responsibilities.   When we blow our
responsibilities for whatever reason, disharmony and negative
affections may occur.
To fulfill our responsibilities, we need to be healthy.
Truly healthy, as promoted on this website.
The superficial healthiness promoted by the mainstream medicine
cannot help us with being truly healthy and highly energized.

Please, see the other pages of this website for more info
on true healing. The page Good Health Trinity
is a good start.

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