Sexual Evolvement

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The life energy that flows through your body and energy system manifests as sexual
energy, sexuality, at the basic level.   Physical life is sexual (that also goes for animals,
plants, birds).   Nature propagates through sexual contact.

Because this sexual energy is at such a basic level, is such a basic building
block of physical life, your life on Earth is based on this manifestation of life energy.
In other words, the sexual energy is the basic building block of your life.
Because of all this, the sexual energy - your sexuality - is at the deep emotional
core of your existence here on Earth.

When your sexual energy moves properly, freely, you are free to elevate,
uplift, this energy to a higher level. In other words, when your sexuality develops
and evolves freely, you are free to elevate this life energy to a higher spiritual level.
However, when your sexuality is negatively affected, it can block you from
further evolution, from attaining good health.

Negative entities know this and right from the concept time have been trying to
unlovingly affect the flow of sexual energy in individuals.   They know that if
they succeed in creating a disharmony in your sexuality, they gain a control of your
core emotionality, and thus they can control you at a very deep level, that in turn
affects all aspects of your life.
They have been doing this by feeding individuals with false answers, with false
information, and so trying to create negative emotions in you regarding your
sexuality: mainly guilt and shame.   Their main vehicle for this disinformation
campaign have been religions; though other vehicles have been used, as well:
the media; movies; books; etc.

How does a natural flow of sexual energy manifest as?
This is how a healthy individual evolves:

A child starts exploring his/her body, and finds out that playing
with certain parts creates more pleasure than with others.

He/she focuses more on those parts and continues playing with them
until satisfied.

In the presence of other children, the child engages in mutual sexual

By the design of nature, every child is homosexual until the age of 14 or 15.
This is so the child comes to understand his/her own body before he/she
is physically mature to make children.
In other words, the sexual playing, whether self-pleasing or a mutual play,
is to understand his/her own body before the child moves on in exploration
of his/her sexuality.

Around the age of 14 or 15 the sexual interest of the youngster starts
slowly switching to heterosexual.   This switching lasts until the late teens.
However, the teenager still engages in mostly homosexual playing.
If there is a heterosexual play, it's mostly out of curiosity and exploration
than a serious sex.
Because during the teenage years the flow of sexual energy becomes
much more intense, the sexual plays the teenager engages in become
more intense, as well. During these teenage years the youngster
tries every sexual play he/she can think of; as the youngster is healthy,
the sexual plays remain healthy and no harm is done.
All this sexual playing is vitally important, because it allows the teenager
to understand his/her body, his/her emotions as relating to sexuality, and his/her

After the teenage years the sexual interest is heterosexual, however the
individual doesn't condemn or reject homosexual play either.   The individual
acts out of his/her awareness and whatever sexual play comes out of it is what
he/she enjoys, without judging it.

At some time during the individual's adulthood he/she has enough of sex
and naturally drops it, without struggling, without pretending, without forcing
anything.   This is one way to attain celibacy.   The other natural way to attain
celibacy is to truly heal as described on this website, which includes having
the nervous system in a good shape and being aware, living with awareness.
There is no other way to be truly celibate.   All other attempts are just that.
People, who force celibacy onto themselves without going through either
of the two natural scenarios mentioned above, are just repressing their sexuality.
This repression is like trying to stop an intense river flow.   Regardless of how tall
and wide the dam the repressing individual erects is, eventually it overflows and
a disaster ensues.   That disaster might manifest as sexual perversion or a mental

So that was a description of how a healthy individual evolves sexually.
If this natural sexual evolution is negatively affected, it might retard the sexual energy
flow (as the result the individual might stop sexually evolving, develop a sexual
dysfunction) or redirect it to an unnatural direction (sexual perversion, lasting
homosexuality, sadism, masochism, destructive emotions - shame, guilt, self-doubt,
Examples of these negative affections are:

- parents banning, or otherwise preventing, the child from playing with his sexual
  organs.   This might be through physical punishment(s), emotional blackmail
  ("it's disgusting", "you'll go to Hell", "you won't get to Heaven", "you'll have
  hairy palms", and other nonsense).

- adults appearing unexpectedly and seeing children or teenagers engaging in sexual
  playing, and raising a ruckus.   All individuals are sensitive to sexual issues that affect
  them, and especially children and teenagers with evolving sexuality and emotionality.
  The adult(s) should apologize for the intrusion, get out of there, and keep their mouth
  shut.   If the adult is encountered by the youngster again, and the youngster asks for
  a feedback, the feedback should be positive, loving, encouraging, and

- children not being told the truth about sex

- children (and adults) being brainwashed with negative messages about sexuality,
  mainly by religious and societal morals; also by watching movies that present false
  sexual concepts, such as amorality of homosexualism, masturbation, natural sexual
  pleasures and plays, nakedness; that present unloving sex (whether between
  individuals who don't love each other, or downright violent sex); and from other

- adults avoiding answering questions about sex

- parents being secretive about their sex

- sources of unnatural sex, such as: porn movies, magazines and websites; other
  websites that portray sex in unnatural ways

- negative, unloving, sexual messages and concepts propagated by some children and
  teenagers.  This also includes calling each other "gay", "fag", making fun of sex,
  natural body functions, and/or bodies of others in a negative way.

By the way, it is OK for children of all ages to see adults having sex, whether at home,
in the movies, or elsewhere, WHEN the sex is truly loving.   That means when the sex
is between two (or more) individuals who respect each other, who are healthy, and who
are congruent (in harmony) with having sex.   When all these conditions are met, it may
be actually beneficial for the child to see that, as it may help him/her understand sex
better.   That "may" depends on whether the child is congruent (harmonious) with
witnessing the sex.   (In all you do, this "am I congruent with doing, seeing this?" is
the key factor in deciding whether the particular activity strengthens or weakens you.
Please, see the page Internal Guidance for more answers.)

Homosexuality and its causes

As stated above, the key deciding factor in something being good for us or not is
whether we are congruent with it or not. In other words, it's not what we do or how
we are, but are we congruent with it?   If we are congruent with it, whatever that "it" is,
then we remain strong, and thus we are OK doing that particular thing.   (There is
another, higher, level of this congruence issue - even when we are congruent with
"the thing", is the fact that we do that [or want to do that] congruent with Divine Loves
[Gods]?   More about this is on the page Internal Guidance.)
In the context of homosexuality: if you are homosexual, and you are congruent with it,
then it's OK, then you remain strong = it doesn't weaken your health.   Plus, if Divine
Loves (Gods) are congruent with you being homosexual, as well, then all is really
peachy.   All that is possible, it depends...   However, if you are homosexual, and
you are not congruent, in harmony, with it, then it weakens your health.   The best way
currently available to check whether you are congruent with being homosexual
(or whatever else) is to visit a doctor that practices Neuro-Emotional Technique
(NET -
.   In the case of an incongruence, the doctor may help
you resolve issues around it, and thus heal.

The worst thing you can do is doing something with, or being in, guilt, shame, or any
other negative emotion.   That is highly self-destructive.   When whatever you do,
however you do it, is done fully aware, with full awareness, that is enough.
Full awareness is when whatever you do is coming out of your center; not from what
others think about it, not from what some morals say, not from the thoughts in your
head, but from your positive feelings.   There is a good chance that when you start
internally feeling unsettled, uneasy, then you are crossing into a disharmonious
territory (however, when that internal uneasiness is coming from your acceptance of
morals and codes of behavior from others, it doesn't count as positive guidance).
To have your awareness functioning fully (to be fully aware), you need to be truly
healthy - as in your nervous system firing on all cylinders; also, regular silent
meditations are vital (please, see the page Meditate...or not?).

Causes of homosexuality are:

- toxicity (that prevents the natural development of the sexual energy)
- emotional blocks (that prevent the natural flow of sexual energy)
- scripts (running in the subconscious, they may be created by negative entities,
  yourself or your Self, or by positive, loving, entities)
- affection by negative energies
- some belief, or believes, that you accepted consciously and you are using your
  willpower to override your feelings.

Note: "yourself" means your conscious awareness, body, and your energy system;
         "your Self" means you as the soul, also called the "Higher Self".

About the scripts created by your Self, or positive entities: before you incarnate you
plan your incarnation.   If you need to resolve something and the way to do it is to live
as a homosexual, you, or a positive entity, program your energy system so you do live
as homosexual.   This is the congruent way; that is the way that doesn't weaken your
health, and you are OK being that way.

If you are homosexual, the way to find out what caused it, how to resolve it, and
whether you are congruent with it, can be via the Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET -
.   This technique is practiced by specially trained doctors,
many of them chiropractors.

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