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Dictionary:   Fatalism = The belief that all events are predetermined and
therefore inevitable.

This is a false belief and a disharmonious (negative) attitude.

To the Creator (The Self) everything in Existence is known and there are no surprises.
The whole unfolding of creation is seen and understood.
The Self has no vested interest in things going this way or that way within Existence;
just the general intention of evolution from the lowest to the highest is set up.
However, the Self also allows this intention, this up-flow, to be overridden by
the will of the individual.   As an example, if you take a sincere good care
of your health and show kindness to all life, you automatically are carried by the up-flow
to higher evolvement.   You are not evolving anything; the evolving, the up-flow, happens on its own, because the conditions for that happening are met.   At the same time,
your active participation is necessary to contribute to creating the conditions.
If you would decide to become passive and just vegetate, this would create a condition
overriding the up-flow and you'd become stuck spiritually; if you'd add drinking alcohol
to it, an ideal condition would exist for even reversing the up-flow, resulting in your
spiritual fall.

Within Existence, to the manifested entities, the creation is unfolding with their active
participation.   Certain events (experiences) may be predetermined by karma or
agreements with other souls prior to the incarnation, but this can change.
The life path of a soul can change dramatically and suddenly.
It can change to much more positive when the individual embraces a good-health
path (such as mentioned on this website).   It can also change to much more
negative when the individual embraces unhealthy and unloving life style (such
as drinking alcohol, taking drugs, entertaining harmful thoughts, etc.).

Dr. David R Hawkins said that every moment every individual makes choices.
Even doing nothing is a choice, not believing in God is a choice, embracing
life is a choice.   Better to say that the attitude of the individual
in every moment has a certain energy quality that attracts other energies of
the same or similar quality to the individual (like energies to like),
which creates ideal conditions for a manifestation of a corresponding quality
in the physical world.   Postive/healthy attitude attracts positive energies,
leading to positive outcomes, and vice versa.

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