Flashing Lights

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Flashing lights are not natural and they irritate or even weaken the nervous system.

Even close proximity to a flashing light while not looking at it can have a negative
impact, because it is within the individual's energy field (aura).
Sources of flashing lights also include:
- bicycle lights set to a flash or strobe mode
- quickly changing scenes on a TV or cinema screen
- flashing Christmas lights
- fluorescent lights

An individual with irritated or weakened nervous system can be more susceptible to
unpleasant occurrences, such as poor health, lack of awareness, busy mind, accidents,
neuro-emotional blocks, affection by negative entities, even disconnection from
Divine Love - the source of life.   In children it can also affect their development.

How much you are affected by flashing lights depends on the state of your health,
i.e. how much spiritual energy you have.   The more spiritual energy you have, the less
affected you are by flashing lights and other irritants and toxins.
Of course, the best is to avoid flashing lights as much as reasonably possible.
This website is dedicated to providing answers that are the universal bases of true
healing and maintaining good health.   The page Good Health Trinity is a good start.

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