Good Health Trinity

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The universal foundation of good health is this:
free of toxins – proper nutrition – chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional
Technique (NET) care

All the other aspects of good health spring from this Good Health Trinity.
An individual suppressed by toxicity and/or poor nutrition and/or fragmented
nervous system is more likely to be a couch potato, or go the other extreme
and over-exercise.   Such a suppressed individual is very likely to have problems
sleeping properly, having a positive attitude, and being harmoniously connected
with Divine Loves (Gods).   Such a suppressed individual is more likely to make
unloving choices.   Toxicity, nutritional depletion, and nervous system
fragmentation result in suppressed intelligence, disconnection from the source
of life – thus the individual may get energetically/spiritually stuck, or even
fall (devolve).   Depleted and suppressed body cannot feel happy, good , and
at ease, and is much more susceptible to accidents, diseases, depressions,
pains, abnormal development (too fat, too thin, hunched, unhealthy skin, etc),
premature aging, and falling apart during old age.   Such a sick individual
contributes negatively to the energy matrix of the world, and thus contributes
to struggle and violence.

On the other hand, body that is free of toxins, properly nourished, having its
nervous system flowing properly, is happy, vibrant, it remains in good shape
in the old age.   Such a healthy individual is congruently (harmoniously)
connected with the source of life (Divine Loves – Gods).   From that spring
all the other good-health things, such as: being intelligent; exercising just right;
sleeping well; having a positive attitude; gratefulness; being loving.
Such a healthy individual contributes positively to the energy matrix of the
world, and thus helps positive events and people.

Free of toxins
It is beneficial to see a qualified Naturopath, who can assess you for toxicity
and recommend proper detoxification.
An NET practitioner can also help you with all that.

Proper nutrition
A qualified Nutritionist or an NET practitioner are good sources of guidance.
NET is excellent for revealing what supplements your body likes and what
quantities it needs.

Chiropractic care
Chiropractic helps release stresses accumulated in the body, and helps
your nervous system flow properly.   It is absolutely critical, vital, to
regaining/maintaining good health.   Most people would greatly benefit
from weekly (or even more often) visits to a chiropractor, even
the healthiest individuals.
There are two kinds of chiropractic: the traditional, "neck-cracking", one;
Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).   Both are excellent, thought NSA is
more advanced.   NSA doesn’t crack the spine – it uses a gentle touch
mainly along the spine.   If you have a choice, NSA is better.

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) care
NET is practiced by specially trained doctors, many of them chiropractors.
It helps resolve emotional issues that hide in the subconscious, or even
the super-conscious.   It can help with all aspects of life, and is more or less
limited only by how far the practitioner (and the client) can and is willing
to go.
NET helps restore proper energy flow, defragment the nervous system,
harmonize the energy system, reveal important answers about life;
it can tell you if whatever you want to test is congruent with you (books,
movies, nutritional supplements, music, intentions, vacation plans, money,
events, truth, clothes, people, etc); in other words, if the tested thing is
positively helping you or not.   NET can help you avoid negative energies,
and it also can help you reveal how to protect your Self from them.

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