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God = Love = Light

However, Gods prefer to be called " Love " .

There is Love of Loves, Mother Love and Father Love.

We all were created by Love of Loves.   Mother Love and Father Love are
our Loving Caretakers, our foster parents.
In turn, Love of Loves was created by The Holy Spirit.

All that is, is a pretend game by The Self via the Holy Spirit to experience itself.
The Holy Spirit is Emptiness and Silence - flowing, dynamic Silence.

This Existence is the game of The Self via The Holy Spirit.   It created
pretended Consciousness, the " I " .   Because anything stated after " I " is
a statement of creation, when the " I " was let loose by
The Holy Spirit, it started creating anything it put after " I " .
This " I " , this Consciousness, is the Love of Loves, God of Gods.
The Self via the Holy Spirit, Silence, could create Consciousness, because
Silence is inevitably Emptiness.   Emptiness can contain
anything (field of all possibilities), even pretend things.
The true nature of Being is Silence.

In talking is communication.
In silence is communion.

In respect to the Self, the true nature of Being, all
communication is false, it is pretended (remember, only
Silence is true).   So anything stated is false, pretended.
At the deepest level, even " I Am " is false.   All truths communicated
through the language are false, from the point of The Holy Spirit, The Self.

Communion is the only true state of Being.   Communion is
deep silence, the one that is possible in a deep meditation
when the body-mind dissolves into Emptiness and Silence and
the meditator is not.

Even manifesting a positive, " Godly " , thing is just pretending.
As long as there is this pretend world it's OK to manifest
positive things; however, the pretend world disappears
immediately when silence is established.   From this flows,
that when all manifestations of The Holy Spirit become silent =
thoughts stop, the pretend creation will instantly disappear =
the whole Existence will disappear and Silence will remain.
This means that Consciousness, " I " , is not eternal.
Only The Self is eternal.

This is the duality of being: " you " , as The Self, are already
whole, nothing is needed, nothing is, only Emptiness, and in it
all possibilities, that means all fulfillments.
" You " , as a manifestation of The Holy Spirit, need praying, need healing, until
" your " consciousness is so evolved that all thoughts stop.
Then " your I " dissolves into The Self = you become who
you truly are.

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