Paying Respect

Praying = paying respect

NOTE: This page has been amended on November 3 2019.

There are two kinds of prayers: Thanksgiving; Manifesting.

Thanksgiving prayers are an acknowledgment of the Love Beings
you pray to and your connection with them.
You thank for the positive, loving, healing things you already
have in your life.

Manifesting prayers are also thanksgiving prayers, except
you ask for what you would like to have in your life.
Please, be aware that in the case of these manifesting prayers
the Love you are asking for (thanking for) something discerns
between " good " and " bad " and if what you're asking for is not
congruent with Love, it won't be manifested for you.
Compare this to the " I " statements, when everything is manifested.

When you are asking for something, you ask by giving thanks
for the thing you would like to have (not begging for it),
for example:
" Thank You, Mother Love, for guiding I in healing so I am connected
with You fully and lovingly and Your Love is in I, right now.
Thank You.   I love You. "

To understand whom to thank for what, here is a list of Gods'

Love of Loves
The Chairman of Existence
All that is comes from Love of Loves (food, clothes,...)
The Chief Architect of Existence

Mother Love
Manifests everything stated after " I "

Father Love
Physical managing of Existence (getting His hands dirty)
Controls synchronicity

Of course, there are other Loving Beings - Angels, Spirits Guides,
and others - who help, as well.

To thank those you would like to thank, you may say:
" Thank You, whoever you choose to thank, for ...   I love You. "

To pay respect to The Holy Spirit - Awareness, be silent, as in meditating.
It doesn't have to be a long period of silence, though regular
longer meditations are beneficial, important, vital.   (Though
thanking The Holy Spirit - Awareness is OK, too.)
Note:   beyond all these expressions is the Unexpressed, the Ultimate, Beingness, the Self,
Brahman, Pure Consciousness (and whatever other labels it is known as).

Manifesting statements are when you use the manifesting
power of " I " to manifest whatever you state after " I " , in your
life.   Mother Love will manifest everything you state, so be
aware of what you say.
However, Mother Love prefers to manifest things congruent
with Love: healing; blessings; fun; truth; faith, trust; joy;
bliss; and other Love congruent stuff.

When you toast to someone or somethings, " here is to... " ,
Mother Love charges the drink or food with the energy of
what you state.
For example, if you raise a glass of drink (water or juice
preferable) and say, " Here is to John's and Jennifer's loving
marriage, " Mother Love charges the drink with loving energy.
This is also true when you dedicate something to someone.

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