Whom Can You Trust?

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Whom can you trust when it comes to your good health, freedom, and
being safe from negativities?

Trustworthy = "able to be relied on as honest or truthful"
The level of truth can be calibrated using the energy calibration scale
revealed by David R. Hawkins in the highly-energized book
"Power vs. Force".   According to the scale, 1000 is the highest energized
and 0 is the lowest energized. The higher someone or something is
energized, the more truth he/she/it contains; at the 1000 level there is
100% of truth.   Conversely, the lower the calibration, the less truth is there.
For example, Christ calibrated at 1000 = he was full of truth = truth-full =
trustworthy.   Hitler calibrated at about 70 = having almost no truth =
untrustworthy.   Here are some energy calibration samples:
shame = 20; anger = 150; willingness = 310; love = 500; peace = 600;
enlightenment = above 700.

the healthier some is = the more energized he/she is = the more filled
with truth he/she is = the more trustworthy he/she is
(Healthy means having the nervous and energy systems flowing properly.)

So, obviously, you benefit from trusting the highly energized people,
and being very cautious around the lower energized people.
How to know who is at what energy level?
There are three ways you can consciously use to tell:

1) by using Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).   That's the most reliable
    way.   NET can help you calibrate the energy level of whatever you
    want to check, whether it's an individual, an organization, a book, etc.
    NET can also help you check your congruence (harmony) with the
    tested thing.   NET practitioners know how to check you for being
    blocked, switched, or affected by something negative, so the answers
    are reliable.   If you are blocked, switched or affected by something
    negative, NET can help your resolve it.

2) by using the muscle-strength testing, as described in the book
    "Power vs. Force".   This way is less reliable, as you might be
    affected by something without being consciously aware of it,
    and thus get a false answer.   However, it is still a good way of
    checking when used with caution and common sense.
    In addition to what David R. Hawkins writes about the muscle-strength
    testing, it is beneficial to double-check the truthfulness of the answers
    you receive through the testing by making several different statements
    with obvious answers.   If you receive nonsense answers to the obvious
    double-checking statements, you know something is not right - that
    for whatever reason your body is not answering truthfully.
    For example, let's say you're calibrating the energy level of a doctor
    you consider going to, because you know that the higher his energy
    level is (the higher the number is), the more positive and congruent
    the doctor is = the more you can trust the doctor.   And let's say you get
    an answer that his energy level is 500.   It is beneficial to immediately follow
    with the double-checking statements:
    "I may love Father Love (Father God)." - you should remain strong.
    "Being in harmony with Gods is bad for my health." - your arm should go weak.
    "All these answers are fully congruent with Divine Loves (Gods)." - you should
    remain strong.
    "Divine Loves (Gods) are not fully congruent with all these answers" - your arm
    should go weak.
    If even one of the double-checking statements is wrong (your arm goes weak
    when it should stay strong and vice versa), it's good to disregard all the answers
    (and to go to an NET doctor to resolve the incongruence).
    Of course, this double-checking is important for all muscle-strength testing,
    not just when you calibrate the energy level of someone/something.
    For example, you can test a drug given to you by a doctor, if your body likes it,
    or you can test if the vacation you're thinking about is a good one for you.
    It is beneficial to pray for a higher-up guidance and protection before
    the testing:
    "Thank you, Divine Loves and the higher Selves of whom I am, for all
    the loving guidance, involvement, and protection so all the answers
    I receive are true. I love you."

    It is also good to write down the Love Prayer and stand on it while you're
    testing, as it's standing on a highly energized ground.
    Even when all the answers match = are congruent, still be cautious, as
    it is no 100% guarantee of complete truth.
    That is why NET is more reliable - the doctors are trained to detect an
    incongruence in your energy system, and know how to deal with it.

3) by using common sense while being aware of the following:
    people tend to be attracted to jobs, entertainment, other people, etc,
    that are at a similar energy level to their own.
    This is the least reliable way, as there are exceptions to this.
    However, as a general pointer this way is better than nothing.

    For example:
   - people who want to control others (aka control-freaks) gravitate towards
      jobs that enable them to exercise that: the police, military, politicians, etc.

    - people who want power and money would be likely found in
      the government, top execs of powerful corporations, banks, etc.

    - positive people who want to help others heal in harmonious, natural ways
      would tend to be doctors that search for natural, non-drug/non-surgery
      treatments, chiropractors, NET practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, etc.

    - people who want to control/affect others in various unloving ways could
      become doctors of western medicine, and be willing to push medical
      drugs and invasive treatments

Seeing how the world has been so far, we can discern that the governments,
and controlling medical/educational/religious establishments are low-energy entities.
If they were high-energy entities, there would be no taxes, borders, wars,
famines, licenses, lack of freedom, rituals, controlling schemes, etc.
Low energy = low content of truth = not trustworthy

So whom can you trust when it comes to your good health, freedom, and
being safe from negativities?   Well, definitely it's not the government agencies,
western medicine, the mainstream media, and established religions
(even though sometimes some truth might come out of them).
You will find truthful answers from higher-energized people; the higher the better.
You can check their energy level, calibrate their energy level, with NET or
muscle-strength testing, as mentioned above.   Higher-energized people are
likely to be found in jobs that help others in positive ways: chiropractors;
NET doctors; doctors that offer natural treatments; naturopaths; nutritionists.
(Of course, it's still possible to find negative people in those jobs, too.
That's why it's beneficial to check with NET {preferably} or the muscle-strength
Of course, this doesn't mean that everything these positive people tell you
is true - they can make mistakes.   It's good to check their answers,
recommendations, with NET or the muscle-strength testing.

Only to someone or something that calibrates at 1000 can full trust be given.
Otherwise, intelligence is needed to discern between beneficial and not
beneficial.   (The muscle-strength testing is an aspect of your intelligence, too.)
Your intelligence can reliably work only if your nervous system
is in good shape.   With that the drug-cut-burn medicine cannot help you.
Only natural health care is capable of helping you - chiropractic, NET,
naturopathy, etc.   Also, please see the other pages of this website
for more information on regaining/maintaining good health.

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