Pride And Gratitude

Being aware of how you speak, think, act, is critical to true healing, and maintaining
true good health.   There is an abundance of incongruent, weakening, fragmenting,
statements and attitudes in the society.   If you accept these low-energy statements
and attitudes, they can also contribute to your disconnection from the source of life
energy - from Divine Loves (Gods).   Nasty stuff, eh?   One of them is pride.
How many times can we hear people saying they are proud of something, or that
a company is proud of something?   So let's look at pride.

Pride is a low-energy emotion that calibrates at 175 (out of 1000, where 1000 is
the highest energy level that exists in this physical world, as revealed in the
highly-energized book "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins).
Whatever calibrates below 200 is destructive, weakening, lacks love.

Uh-oh, pride is not positive at all.   So what is a better alternative?   Gratitude.

Gratitude is a high-energy state of being, that can go all the way to 1000.
Thus, gratitude is constructive, strengthening, harmonizes with love.

The words themselves reveal what's behind them:
gratitude = great attitude
        grateful = great full = full of greatness
pride = protects (subjective) reality in defending ego

When you say (or think, or act) that you are proud of your achievements, your kids,
your body, your car, your company, etc., you use incongruent (disharmonious)
statements, that can weaken you, fragment your energy, affect your health, and
open you to negative influences.   Pride supports the ego, the false self.

When you say (or think, or act) that you are grateful for being able to do this or
that, that you are grateful for having kids, for working in this company, for
achieving something, etc., you use high-energy statements that help you be more
harmonized with love, more whole, which supports good health and strengthens
you (of course, as long as the thing you are grateful for is harmonious with love,
with good health).   By saying "I'm grateful ...", you are using
an affirmation "I'm full of greatness ...". Beautiful, isn't it?
Gratitude supports the whole being.

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