Children Are Mirrors Of Their Parents

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In many ways children are mirrors of their parents.

If the parents were toxic before conceiving the child and during the pregnancy,
the child's constitution is negatively affected, and the child is toxic, as well.
Of course, this parent-child connection continues beyond the pregnancy.

If the parents conceived the child not out of love, they almost certainly
attracted a low-energy entity to incarnate as their child = not very positive child.

If the parents lack proper nutrition, positive energy, love, healthy energy
system, healthy nervous system, enough rest, sufficient exercise, etc., it gets
reflected in the child's behaviour towards the parents and others.
So an out-of-control child not only needs healing him/her-self, but his/her
parents, too.
You might see a child that is hard to control, and his/her parents might seem
OK on the surface, but something is going on with at least one of the parents
in the subconscious.   That means that for a positive resolution of the child's
health/behaviour problem, both the child and the parents need to heal.

Please, see the page Blessed Is The Child for more info on
how a properly nourishing environment for a child looks like.

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