Hearing, But Not Understanding

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Does it happen to you sometimes that you listen to someone,
can hear what he/she is saying, but you can't understand it?
You might even know that he/she is speaking in clear language,
yet you can't get what he/she says.
It is a weird feeling, and you might wonder what on earth is going
on: is something wrong with you?

There is more to communication than simple physical speaking.
When the scenario above happens (that you hear but don't get it),
something is distracting your awareness in the subconscious.

Some examples of the distractions:
- your body-mind might be present, but your spirit (or a part of it),
    might be somewhere else (that might be positive, neutral, or negative).
- you might be neurologically depleted.
- your body-mind might be depleted of something, whether nutrients,
    sleep, rest, etc.
- some negative energy might be causing an interference (a frequency,
    scripts, entities, energies, a psychic attack, toxins, etc.)
- if the speaker is a positive entity, the negative part of you might
    not want to hear what he/she is saying, and might be running an
    interference (like when childish people don't want to hear what someone
    is telling them, they plug their ears and chant "la-la-la-la" or something
- if the speaker is a poor-energy entity, or has some health issue, his/her
    subconscious mind might be speaking to you at the same time his/her
    conscious mind is speaking to you.   While his/her conscious mind is
    using a clear language, his/her negatively-affected subconscious mind
    might be speaking gibberish, or saying something completely different
    than the speaker's conscious mind.   Thus you actually listen to two different
    conversations at the same time, they both merge into an incomprehensible
    communication (like listening to two different radio stations at the same time).
- the speaker might have some internal issue and her subconscious is calling
    for attention, for help, and it's distracting your awareness.
- subconsciously you can sense something is wrong with the speaker, and it's
    distracting you.

If hearing-but-not-understanding happens to you, it's beneficial to stay centered,
rather than to get upset, breathe deeply and naturally, and use energizing prayers,
such as "I love my Self", and ask your higher Selves, Divine Loves (Gods), and other
Love Beings for help and protection. For example: "Thank you Divine Loves,
the higher Selves of whom I am, and all other Love Beings for your help and
protection so I am safe and healthy. I love you."
It's also very beneficial to visit a Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) practitioner to
reveal and fix what caused the distraction.   Also, visiting a chiropractor to get
adjusted so your nervous system is in a better flow.   The chiropractor can also
assess your health fairly reliably.   Together, NET and chiropractic are synergistic.
A naturopath can assess your body for toxicity and help you detoxify (so can
an NET doctor).

Please, see the other pages of this website for more info on the bases of true
good health and understanding life.

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