Loving Touch

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When you touch somebody, you establish not only
a physical connection, but also an energy connection.
Another way of looking at it is that touching is communicating
energetically.   That kind of energy communication can affect
both the touchee and the toucher spiritually, emotionally, and
When that touch is positive, loving, it is nourishing.
When that touch is negative, unloving, it can have negative
consequences for both parties.
Negative touch is when the toucher (usually), or even the touchee,
have negative intentions, such as: stealing energy of the other;
affecting the other with some negative energy; gaining some perverse
pleasure; controlling the other.
Positive, loving touch is when it is done with a positive, loving
intent, free of negative energies, including toxins.

Because of the possibility of a touch being misused for unloving
purposes (even though the toucher or the touchee might not be
consciously aware of that), it's important to be aware of your feelings
when someone touches you.   Whether it's at home, at work, or
at a social gathering makes no difference.   When you feel uncomfortable
with the touch, it is important to break the contact and ask the other
party not to touch you, regardless of who the other party is.
As well, if you touch someone, and feel that the other person is not
comfortable with that, it's important to withdraw your touch.
Then it is beneficial to see a doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional
Technique (NET)
to find out what was going on, and to resolve
the issue.   Other reasons for the touch not being appreciated
can be: being in a low-energy state; being depleted in some way
(nutritionally, hydration, sleep, rest, neurologically, etc.); being
out of balance for whatever reason.   Again, NET can help with
revealing and resolving these issues.

As already stated, loving touch is nourishing, is very pleasurable,
and in fact is vital for proper human development, even beyond
Everyone who is not out-of-control energetically loves to be touched
lovingly, especially children.   Here is where Loving Touch comes in.

Loving Touch is an exercise that has the potential to nourish, help
with healing, and have fun.   The following description of Loving Touch
assumes that it's done between a parent and a child, but Loving
Touch can be done between friends, siblings, spouses, etc.

Loving Touch exercise:

The place of the exercise should be free of distractions (phones,
TV, music, radio, etc.) and pleasant to be in.
The parent (and the child) should be free of toxins (alcohol, tobacco,
drugs, coca cola, pork, etc.), and in a calm state.   Of course, a positive,
loving intent towards the child and even towards the parent's Self
is a must.
It is beneficial for both parties to say an affirmation, such as:
"I am a channel of love.   Awareness."
Whoever is the touchee is controlling the exercise.   In the case of
this example it's the child.   So the child is the captain here.
If there are some areas of the body the child doesn't want have
touched, or whatever other limitations/rules, should be established before
you begin.   Ideally, there should be so much trust that there would be
no limitations/rules.   If there are some, it's good to visit an NET doctor
and find out/resolve what's going on.
Loving Touch is done skin on skin, so the child takes the clothes off.
The child assumes a comfortable position.   Whatever the position is,
the child needs to relax completely.
The toucher, the parent in this case, also assumes a comfortable position
next to the child, and relaxes as much as possible.
It is very important that both the child and the parent are in the present
moment during the exercise, especially the parent.   There should be
no thinking about this and that.   The parent should be completely
aware of what he/she is doing.   If thoughts come to the mind, they should
be ignored (not fought, resisted, or entertained).
The parent touches the child wherever and however he/she feels guided.
Closing the eyes might help the parent, as sight takes lots of energy,
and with the eyes closed, the energy turns inwards and can be used
for heightened sensitivity.
Continue with Loving Touch for as long as you feel like it.
It's best to remain silent during the exercise, except for the child
possibly guiding the parent.
If the child or the parent starts feeling uncomfortable with the touch, it
should be immediately discontinued (and yes, followed up with a visit
to an NET practitioner).

Loving Touch is much more beneficial, and pleasurable, than watching TV
or spending time playing computer games, and can help with establishing
deeper emotional bond and trust, with healing, and with proper child

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