Holy Temple

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Truly healthy body is a body, where the nervous system is firing on
all cylinders, all the energy bodies are harmoniously connected - thus
every cell is nourished not only with all the vital nutrients, but also
Love energy flow.   Such a body feels light, comfortable, energized
and is full of joy.   Such a body is a blessed temple of the spirit -
whole and holy church.

This world is filled not only with love, but also with negative things that
attempt to weaken our energy system.   These negative things range
from lies in the media to pollution in the air to toxins we ingest both
willingly (smoking, alcohol, coffee, etc) and unwillingly (pesticides,
and herbicides, growth hormones, etc).   Because of this, our nervous
system is forced to defend our body continuously.

The effectiveness of our nervous system's defenses is dependent on
the following things:
- alignment, connection, with Divine Love
- answers (see explanation below)
- how much energy (fuel) our body has (see explanation below)
- health of the spine
- availability of nutrients (such as oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals,
    enzymes, essential fatty acids, etc.)
- amount of physical exercise (both, too much and not enough are detrimental)
- rest (as in giving our body a break when it needs it; also a deep internal
    rest = meditating)
- mental attitude
- presence of toxins

All of these things are really interconnected, and not separate " entities ".

Regarding " answers " and " how much energy (fuel) our body has. "

A loving Being once said that " we don't live by bread alone " .   While we do
need " bread " (food and drink), we also need Love energy coming from
the Spirit.   This Love energy also brings " answers ".   To what?
To all the events, situations, taking place in our lives - why they have
happened, and how to deal with them.   When we encounter some
situation and we have all the answers and energy to deal with that
situation, we breeze through it easily, no harm done.   However, when
we encounter a situation and we lack either the necessary answers or
the energy (or both) to deal with it, we get stuck.
When our nervous system gets stuck (due to the lack of answers
and/or energy), the emotion associated with the event/situation gets
recorded in our body and stays there until we have enough answers
and/or energy to deal with it successfully.   This recorded, stuck,
emotion is called " neuro-emotional block " .
These blocks stay in us until we successfully resolve them not only
from the current life, but from our previous lives (incarnations),
as well.
Because these blocks (or stuck energies) inhibit the natural flow of
energy (life energy), they negatively affect the area of the body they
are associated with.
The neuro-emotional blocks are associated with organs and endocrine
glands.   For example:   heart is associated with the emotions of joy,
loneliness; liver with anger and irritation; lungs with grief and sadness;
kidneys with fear; brain with depletion; adrenals with being paranoid;
and so on (these are just small examples - there are many emotions
and, obviously, more organs and endocrine glands).

The neuro-emotional blocks, if not dealt with, pile up and may
eventually cause serious health problems. These blocks are the deepest
cause of all diseases.   That is why so many natural healers and
doctors that have woken up say, that drugs and other western-medicine
treatments deal only with the symptoms, not with the causes of
diseases.   There is a technique that deals with these neuro-emotional
blocks, detects and removes them, thus allows the life energy
to return to normal, healthy, flow: it is called " Neuro-Emotional Technique "
(NET).   It is practiced by doctors (many of them chiropractors)
that undergo special training.   NET is critical to achieving good health,
getting the life energy properly flowing in the body.
Hand in hand with NET goes Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), an advanced
form of chiropractic (in other words, they are synergistic).
NSA doctors (chiropractors) use a light touch, mainly along the spine,
to help the nervous system flow better.
It is so important to understand the importance of these two techniques,
NET and NSA, as they deal with the root causes of diseases, and
truly help the nervous system to reconnect, and stay connected, with
the body and the Spirit.

Many people go through their lives being only aware of their physical
body and their five senses.   In other words, they live in the conscious
world, unaware of anything else.   However, there is also a subconscious
world, which is much, much, larger than the conscious one.   It is a world
of energies (well, so is the conscious world, but the conscious one is visible,
tangible, while the subconscious is not, to our five physical senses) that
control the conscious world.
World of energies?   Yeah.   As you know from quantum physics,
everything is made of vibrations = energy.   These vibrations, these
energies, can be beneficial to us, neutral, or bad for us, or anything
in between.   Going through our lives, we interact with all this assortment
of energies, and are affected by them (and, of course, we affect them,
as well).   While positive energies help us, support us, the negative
energies try to weaken us, and/or control us.   Our nervous system detects
what kind of energies we deal with, tries to warn us, and protects us from them.
In other words, each of us is naturally equipped with a detector of
the quality (bad, neutral, good) of energies we deal with constantly.
When this detector is working properly = when our nervous system is
working properly, we know instantly if, for example, the magazine we are
thinking about buying is truly good for us or not, or if the food we want
to buy is good for us or not, or if the person whom we just met is a positive
or negative entity, or if someone is telling us a lie or the truth, etc.

If each of us has this awesome detector, then why so many people don't
know about it?   Because so many people have become so disconnected,
so compressed, so fragmented by so many neuro-emotional blocks and
toxicity.   That is why this Neuro-Emotional Technique and Network Spinal
Analysis are so important.   If a car analogy would be used, NET is like
fixing and maintaining the electrical system of the car, and NSA is like
taking care of the fuel supply.   As you, the car owner, clean the electrical
contacts and the battery terminals, your car can start and run better.
As you fill up the gas tank, clean the fuel filter and the fuel injectors,
your car can start and run better.   A car with full gas tank, but dirty
battery terminals wouldn't start and thus be useless.   A car with shining
battery terminals and brand-new wiring would be equally useless
without gas.   So it is with these two techniques: they complement eath other.
While it's true that either of these techniques alone is beneficial,
they really shine when used together.

Not only we have this awesome energy detector, but even if we don't use it
we get hints, nudges, that something is going on that needs our attention.
These nudges might be in a form of:   a cough; an itch; a pain; a burp;
a sneeze; a nervous tick; something we, or someone else, say(s); a shiver;
an " unintentional " sound we make; a thought; something in our vision,
like seeing a brief point of light, or a (moving) shadow with our peripheral
vision that logically shouldn't be there; a smell; a sound.
All these nudges come from many sources, from our nervous system to
spiritual Love Beings (The Holy Spirit, Love of Loves, Father Love, Mother Love,
Guardian Angels, Angels, Spirit Guides, and possibly others).
There are also " nudges " that come from negative entities, and are not
there to help us, for sure.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to immediately check the nudge,
where it came from and why?   Or if that thing or event is good for us or not?
Or if the event we are thinking about attending is really good for us?
And we can.   How?   Using muscle-strength testing.   An excellent book
about that is " Power vs. Force " by David R. Hawkins.   This book has
a very positive energy and is a very important resource for someone
who wants to use muscle-strength testing.   (This muscle-strength
testing is the basis for NET.)   It's good to be cautious when using
muscle-strength testing, though, as the answers may be falsified by
the tester's energy system being blocked, switched, or affected by a negative
entity (a thing or a being).   NET doctors are trained to check for these,
thus NET is the most reliable method.

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