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Intelligence and Intellect are not the same thing.

Intelligence is of the heart and Intellect (smartness) is of the mind.

Intelligence tells us how to live in harmony with Nature and with the Spirit.
Intellect tells us how to live in the society, how to make money, how to climb
the social ladder, how to use situtations and events to our advantage.

Intelligence is power*.
Intellect is force*.

Intelligence is soft and gentle.
Intellect is hard and rough.

Intelligence says " do no harm " .
Intellect has no such guiding principle.

Both, intelligence and intellect, are needed to live in a healthy way, but
intelligence needs to be in control of intellect.   A human being that has
suppressed his/her intelligence and is driven only by intellect may become
ruthless in achieving his/her goals.   A scientist or an engineer with
suppressed intelligence may invent/design harmful things.

There is also a possibility of having both, intelligence and intellect, suppressed.
This state of being neither smart nor intelligent is not natural, and can be imposed
on someone only by force.   Such a suppressed human being is forcefully
reduced to a status of a robot, and can be dangerous, because there is no
internal guidance.   Such a " robotized " human being does anything he/she is
commanded by the people who forced the human being into such an un-natural
The main groups of people who fall into this category are soldiers and
law inforcement personnel.
Without someone, who would enforce harmful and unloving laws, without
someone who would go and conquer, kill, torture, and destroy, there would be
no greedy kings, queens, and politicians; there would be no wars, martial laws,
police states, taxes, borders, and unloving ways of taking away people's
So how does a human being get robotized?   How does a human being
get suppressed so much that he/she loses his/her internal guidance - a sense of
common-sense " right " and " wrong " ?
Through " special " training, such as:   marching; being shouted at, and other
mental, emotional, and physical abuse; brain-washing; learning how to fight;
being given weapons. All these are designed to bury intelligence (do no harm)
and suppress intellect (don't you get your own ideas).

Weapons are connected to negative energies in the subconscious world.
For example, guns are associated with, are the extention of, mercury.
When someone has a gun, that person connects with the energy of mercury
through the gun.   Mercury is very toxic and scrambles the nervous system,
even to the point of cutting the human being off from Divine Loves (from Gods).
No wonder that soldiers and law inforcement personnel can even turn
against their own people, when they are commanded to.
They've been so poisoned, so fragmented by all the toxicity (from mercury,
and also unloving intentions and deeds produce neuro-toxins), they got so
out of control, that they can be easily manipulated by their " programmers ",
their commanders.

How to get out of this un-natural, un-loving, toxic, state of being?
First, by acknowledging that it exists and stopping doing the un-loving things.
Second, by having an honest wish, intention, to heal.
Third, by asking Divine Loves (see the page " Paying Respect ") for guidance,
and completely surrendering to Divine Will (to the guidance).
Regarding healing:   the answers given on this website, especially on the pages
" Swaddling Bands " , " Spiritual Self-defence " , and " Holy Temple " , are
the universal foundation for getting healthy.

*note:   to understand the difference between power and force, it is good
to read the book " Power vs. Force " by David R. Hawkings (a very interesting,
revealing, and positive book - highly recommended).

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