" I " and " me "

" me " = the body-mind

" I " = Self, the soul

When you say " me ", it refers to the body-mind.
When you say " I ", it refers to your Self, to I Am.

When you talk about your Self, you should say " I " , for
example, " excuse I " or " she told I " ; " me " is a fragmenting
statement as it relates to the body, but you are not the body.
It is as if the whole Universe proclaimed " I am Earth " and
ignored the rest of Itself.   Your are a spirit in a body, not the body.
This is vital to understand and use correctly, if your intent
is to evolve spiritually.

You continuously create your reality by making " I " statements.
All words stated after " I " create reality, that's why
it's important to make statements (manifestations) congruent with I.

For example, when you state the name assigned to your body,
you should say " my name is ... " , because if you said " I am ... " ,
that would be an incorrect statement.   " I Am " is the only thing
that I can state about I.   Anything outside of it is a creation statement.
If I say " I ... " , then what was stated is being created.
Even statements like " I am hungry " is wrong, because I can
never be hungry - I am wholeness, awareness, period.
What can be stated is that " my, or this, body is hungry " .
Even " I " talking about " you " is a fragmenting talk, as there is
only I - the wholeness.   Of course, this is a limitation of human
language and is OK to use, as long as you remain aware of
the truth mentioned above.

All statements (manifestations) of fragmentation weaken your Self.
The manifesting power of I in you is dependent on your alignment
with Divine Love.   If you keep manifesting
fragmentation in your being (by making incongruent " I "
statements), the manifesting power of I in you is weak.
Divine Love is congruent with Love, Peace, Truth, Patience,
Compassion, Healing, Justice, Joy, Fun, Blessing, Faith, Trust.

Incongruent " I " statements don't need to be verbalized.
Your doing, your intending is part of that, as well,
at both, the conscious and subconscious levels.

The saying " love yourself " is incongruent, because it implies
fragmentation.   You should " love your Self " to be in the flow
of Divine Love that, in turn, manifests healing, joy, and
loving abundance in your life.   In other words, the correct
statement is " I love my Self " .
If someone said " I love myself " , he/she would cut
him/herself off the flow of Divine Love, because " myself " is
of " me " , the body-mind.   However, I Am not someone's body
- the body is part of I, that's all.

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