Each ocean wave looks differently, behaves differently, and upon
reaching a shore it creates a different splash, but it is the same
ocean manifesting in countless different ways.   It could be
said that each wave is an individual manifestation of the ocean.
In the same way we all are individual waves of the ocean of Awareness.
"I am" = I Awareness manifested.   Thus we are not separate, and in reality
it is impossible to be separate, to create separateness.   However, in this
"physical" world it is possible to create a pretended separateness; to pretend
that you are separate from the wholeness of existence.   Whether you choose
to do this separatist pretending, or it is forced upon you by toxins and/or
negative entities (by having your spiritual defenses weakened), when this
separateness occurs, unpleasant consequences follow.   Ocean water
scooped up with a bucket, and kept in the bucket, becomes stale and
eventually all life in it dies.

Idolatry is one way of creating separatness between you and whatever you
worship as an idol.   Christianity has committed idolatry by idolizing God and
Christ, and thus in a way placing God and Christ out of reach of people.
God - actually Gods - are the source of life, and if you distance your Self from
them, you may reject the great stuff that comes from them = you may become
stale and in an extreme case you may fall spiritually.   Christ is one of the highest
evolved souls, your spiritual brother.
So let's look at our loving family; we have:

- Grandpa God (Love of Loves = God of Gods)
- Mom God (Mother Love = Mother God)
- Papa God (Father Love = Father God)
- bro Love (Christ)
- you Love (your Self, Christ's sibling)

Quite obviously, your intimate connection with this family is essential to your
good health, positive abundance, positive fun, protection, and guidance.

Let's conduct a small experiment.
Provided you have a good relationship with your (earthly) family, consider
walking into your family room, kneeling in front of your family and calling
your family members "Lord", and even perhaps trembling with fear (that's
what Christianity wants you to do, as well - to fear God), all that while you
believe that you are not as good as they are, you are not worthy (another
aspect of idolatry).
So here you go:   you come home, finding your family gathered in the family room.
You enter the room, believing you are not as good as they are, kneel down
in front of your father and say "Lord, it is good to see you."
Then you turn to your brother, still on your knees, and also tell him "Lord, it is
good to see you, as well."   And you do all that very seriously, perhaps even
with fear.   (Oh, and you ignore your mother, because according to your religious
belief she doesn't exist.)
It sound pretty ridiculous, doesn't it?
What kind of relationship does this create between you and your family?
Does it create warmth, closeness, trust, coziness?
Or does it create a certain coldness, a certain distance?
How readily would you accept offered love, gifts, food, help, etc?
How readily would you offer your love, gifts, food, help, etc?

If you have a good relationship with your family, you come home, you say "Hi"
with a smile, you may give your mom, dad, and brother a hug.   In such a warm
environment you feel good, cozy; you readily accept offered things (gifts, food,
help, etc).   You also readily give those things.

For love to flow openly, unobstructed, complete openness is needed.
This openness, in another word surrender, must be present on both sides.
So the question is: are you completely open?   Idolatry, fear, false beliefs,
poor spiritual health, toxicity, create obstructions to the flow of love - like dams
on a river.   They create a tension that affects openness.

Poor love energy flow = suffering.
Good love energy flow = flowering.

Note:   Perhaps it is fitting that "idolatry" and "lavatory" sound similar.

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