Tricking The Mind

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It is beneficial to be aware of unloving messages masquerading as positive
messages, and thus possibly suppressing your positive Self and affecting
your health.
These fake positive messages seem to make sense on the surface, however
upon a closer examination it is obvious they are rubbish.

Some examples of the fake positive messages:

1) at the beginning of each soccer game (Euro Cup, World Cup) the organizers
  display messages "Stop racism" and even the captains of both teams read
  short statements against racism.
  Even though "Stop racism" sounds nice, what word does it throw at you -
  your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and your spirit?   "Racism"!
  It brings to you and every other viewer the possibility of racism; it keeps
  the concept of racism active in your mind.

  Have you watched little innocent children of different skin colors playing
  together?   They just enjoy themselves, not even being mindful that something
  like racism could be a possibility.   They play naturally together, because
  it is natural.   They don't make any anti-racist speeches, nor do they display any
  anti-racist slogans.
  It is our nature to be together harmoniously regardless of physical differences,
  and so we should just enjoy sharing and being, and that's it.

2) Supposedly anti-abuse posters showing a portrait of an old woman with
  a bruised face and a sad expression, and with the words stop abuse -
  the word "abuse" being very prominent.
  What kind of message does this send to you?   A beaten-up old woman
  and the word "abuse" in big letters?   It keeps the possibility of abuse,
  it keeps the concept of abuse, in your mind.   That the message also
  says "stop" doesn't change the fact.
  Also, in the case of someone who is affected by alcohol or drugs, his
  out-of-control mind may remember this poster and actually trigger
  a physical attack at his family member(s).

  How would a real, positive, anti-abuse poster look?   It could show
  people having a great time together, maybe hugging or holding
  hands, and it could say "The joy of harmonious living."
  That's a positive message that cannot be twisted into a negative
  one.   It is also a base upon which the positive, loving Self of each
  individual can build; it can use it as a springboard to put a pressure
  on the negative Self of the individual to stop doing unloving things.

3) Numerous movies about the racist attitude towards black people in
  the past. This is basically the same as the example number 1.
  Why to continue keeping this unloving concept alive?   Yes, it was
  destructive.   But now it's over.   That was then, now it's now.
  Show people having good time together regardless how they look,
  and that's it.

4) Visual entertainment showing people resolving situations by using guns
  and other weapons (movies, computer/video games, picture books).
  In real life nothing gets resolved by using weapons.   The only way to
  truly resolve unloving situations is through love = good health.
  While on the surface it may seem that weapons may bring some pause
  to violence (cops catching a violent criminal, "peacekeeping" soldiers
  keeping two warring factions apart), in reality the actual issue doesn't
  get resolved until good health of the violent participants is restored.
  Thus these action movies, games, and books may send negative messages.
  As well, naive people may get programmed with the idea that weapons
  are "cool" and get their own weapon.   Weapons are connected with
  negative energies in the subconscious world, and thus contribute to
  even worth health.

Hitting you with unloving concepts like racism and violence, even though
they are preceded by the word "stop", can stress your energy system which
may result in poor health, depending on how much (spiritual) energy you have.
The more you are energized, the more your are immune to these negative
attacks.   Being aware of this trickery, that is understanding what rubbish
these supposedly good messages are, helps protect you, as well.
When you see such a supposedly-positive message, it is beneficial to
say "I love my Self".   "I love my Self" is an energizing affirmation, prayer.
It is also beneficial to say a prayer such as (you can make up your own):
"I understand that I may be exposed to unloving messages, and I intend
to be in the flow of Divine Love, safe from their unloving energies.
I thank Divine Loves, the higher Selves of whom I am, and other loving
Beings for all the protection, guidance, and involvement, so I am fully
energized, truly healthy, and congruent with Divine Loves. Thank you,
I love you."

The amount of spiritual energy you have depends on the level of your health.
The healthier your are the more energized you are.   The basic health trinity
is: free of toxins - proper nutrition - chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional Technique
(NET) care.   All other aspects of good health (such as exercise, positive attitude,
etc.), spring from this health trinity.   Other pages of this website, such as:
Swaddling Bands; Holy Temple; Spiritual Self-defense;
Dissolving the world of struggle; have more details about regaining
and maintaining good health.
As well, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) can help you resolve emotional
issues that have already affected you.   Most of these emotional issues occur
in the subconscious, so you might not be aware of them until they manifest at
the conscious level as a disease, pain, discomfort, accident, busy mind, etc.
NET can detect and resolve these, and thus greatly contribute to your good health.
With the respect to this article, if you want to know whether you have been
affected by negative messages, you can go to an NET practitioner (doctor) and ask.
If the answer is "yes", NET can help you resolve the issue(s).

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