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It is vital for people whose intention is to evolve spiritually
or to lead healthy lives to connect with sources of information
that are congruent with Divine Loves (Gods).   Only that level
of information can truly help in attaining good health and
high energy level = high spiritual evolvement.

However, even individuals who are not actively seeking
good health, spiritual evolvement, and who are not consciously
interested in spirituality, are influenced by the "spiritual" information
they are exposed to.

Sources of "spiritual" information abound, whether they are in the
form of books, TV programs, movies, seminars, coworkers, friends, scriptures,
and entities in the subconscious world (you might not be consciously
aware of these pieces of advise and information in the subconscious world,
but they can affect you and your life in a profound way, even beyond your
current life on Earth).

Reliable, congruent, spiritual information can come only from individuals
and entities that have attained to the highest spiritual/energy level = that are
fully congruent with Divine Loves.
For example, one could completely trust all the answers (information) given
by Christ. Christ was/is the highest energized (highest evolved) soul.
(Please, don't confuse this with the writings of what Christ supposedly said,
such as in the Bible's New Testament.   They are not what Christ said. Even
though the supposed Christ's sayings in the Bible have a good energy, they
are still quite far from what Christ actually said.)
There is a number of books and seminars by individuals who are positive
and well-meaning (some of them quite famous), but the information they provide
is not fully congruent with Divine Loves.   It's not because they would intentionally
want to confuse or mislead people, but because they still need to heal, they
still have some disharmony within themselves to work out, and that disharmony
(even though it may be a "small" disharmony) can negatively affect their
teachings.   This is not meant to suggest that one should shun such individuals,
books and seminars.   They can be very good and important.   It means that one
should not blindly believe everything, regardless of how good it may seem to sound
on the surface; it means that even a good spiritual/self-improvement teacher
might say something that may be misleading, even though it may sound good
on the surface; it means that it is beneficial to check congruence of what the
teacher says by using Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), which very quickly
and reliably confirms what is true and what is not.   NET is performed by specially
trained doctors, many of them chiropractors.   To find a practitioner, you can go to

There is also spiritual misinformation purposefully created and broadcasted by
negative people and entities to confuse and entrap people, and thus prevent them
from growing spiritually, from increasing their positive level of energy.
This is because these negative people and entities depend on stealing energy
of others, and also laundering their toxic energy through their hapless subjects.
Positively energized people make it difficult or completely impossible for them
to engage in such evilness, and thus force them to change for the better, or get out.
Some of that misinformation is fairly obvious, such as claims that you, or they, are
above God; or that they are to be followed otherwise you'll go to hell.
However, some of that misinformation may be subtle, sounding seemingly good.
The main purpose of this article is to focus on, expose, one such piece of
misinformation. Though the exact wording might differ, it goes like this: "Don't worry
about anything, relax, God will take care of you." While that sentence by itself sounds
good, and within a certain context is true, when presented within the context of
not doing anything because God is loving and thus takes care of you, it turns into
a poison.   This is because Existence is set up to react to your intention.
Your intention is a prayer that sets in motion the wheels of Existence to provide
you with whatever you intend.   Your intention doesn't need to be verbalized or formed
into a thought - your doing is also part of it (at both the conscious and subconscious
levels of your life).
So, if you relax and do nothing, expecting God to take care of you, guess what
happens?   Nothing.   Because when you do nothing, you tell the Existence that you
intend to do nothing.   The Existence, seeing that you want to do nothing provides you
with exactly that - nothing.   This can lead to being stuck spiritually (energetically) until
you change your intent.   When you generate the intent of healing spiritually, increasing
your energy level, being congruent with Divine Loves, the Existence will provide you
with the opportunity, with the path, to do exactly that (of course, then it's up to you
to continue following the path).
Thus the famous phrase that "God helps those that help themselves" is very true.
Now, please, relaxing is important and in fact not being relaxed can create a barrier
to your healing.   This positive relaxing is in the context of following your intent,
your healing path in a relaxed way, having the current of the healing river carry you,
rather than trying to struggle against it.

How to create this positive intent to heal, to increase your positive energy level,
to evolve spiritually?
Well, just your interest in healing, in spirituality is an intention that you broadcast
to the Existence.   When you take the interest a step further and actually start
doing something positive towards your spiritual evolution (buying a good,
highly energized spiritual/self-help book, going to a highly-energized
spiritual/self-help seminar or workshop, etc) you keep on sending your
positive intent to the Existence, and thus the Existence will keep on
providing you with more intended opportunities.
Remember, saying (for example) "I intend to be enlightened" and then
sitting down on the couch and not doing anything won't get you anywhere.
While "I intend to be enlightened" is a positive prayer = positive intent,
the subsequent doing nothing negates it by generating the intent of doing nothing.
An example of what would be a way of maintaining the positive intent
of "I intend to be enlightened" is going to a bookstore (or buying over the Internet)
a book by Osho or David R. Hawkins and reading the book with open mind
and heart. That might open further ways for your spiritual evolvement.

When your intent is to attain to a higher spiritual level, such as being
enlightened, or more loving, it is beneficial to combine as many positive ways
as possible.
For example:
- praying is very important.   Remember, it needs to be in a thanks-giving format in
  the present time (as if you already have it).   An example of such a prayer:
  " I intent to evolve spiritually, to be the highest energized possible, to be enlightened,
  and I thank you Divine Loves and the higher Selves of whom I am for all
  the guidance, help, support, involvement, and protection so it is so.   Thank You,
  I love You."
- as mentioned above, reading highly energized books such as by: Osho,
  David R. Hawkins, Wayne Dyer, reading this website.
- healing/maintaining in good shape your nervous system via the use of chiropractic and
  Neuro-Emotional Technique
- providing your body with all the necessary nutrients, hydration, rest, exercise,
  sleep, sun exposure, proper posture, proper breathing it needs.
- surrounding your Self with your good colour and avoiding your bad colour

Please, remember that a positive intent needs to be followed through to be effective.
If you are unsure of the validity of the information you receive, or want to confirm if
what you intend to do is harmonious with your positive, loving, intention, you can
check it with Neuro-Emotional Technique.   It is quick and reliable.
To find a practitioner (doctor), you can go to this website:
Even if the practitioner would be a fair distance away, it would be very well worth
of going to him/her, as following a piece of misinformation could created problems and
even send you down a wrong life-path.

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