Proper Breathing

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Everyone not living in a cave knows that breathing is important for taking in oxygen
that the body vitally needs, and removing carbon dioxide and other toxins.
However, not everyone might know that there is more to it:   with each breath
an energy is taken in that is used by the energy system to maintain good health,
and this also reflects on the health of the physical body.

Proper breathing is by starting inhaling through the belly (not the chest) and then
continuing inhaling through the chest in a deep, relaxed, natural motion (rather than shallow
inhaling).   If your intent is to be truly healthy, it is critical you adopt this
deep belly-chest breathing.
If you decide to go for it, it might require some conscious effort at the beginning,
but very soon it will become automatic and natural.   In fact, it IS the natural way
to breath.   It is important not to force anything, though; "guiding" your
breath is a more accurate expression.
Yes, your belly might slightly enlarge because of that.   If this slightly different
look to your body would make you think twice about adopting the natural breathing,
then consider this:   you, as the spirit you really are, don't care if your tummy
is slightly larger or not.   What you care about is your spiritual evolvement, and your
energy level; both of these are intimately tied to your breathing - poor respiration =
poor health, no exceptions.   Also, in everyone's life comes the time when the
individual is not concerned with his/her looks anymore.   During that time he/she
looks back at his/her life, and one of the worst feelings is the realization that an
opportunity to do something beneficial was missed, and now it's too late.
(Well, it's never too late to start healthy things, but there might not be enough
time in that particular life-incarnation for the healthy things to make a noticeable

Deep belly-chest breathing also has another positive effect:   it helps the digestive
system and other organs in that area, as it massages them.

How deeply you are able to breath depends on how relaxed your body is.
If your body is tight, your energy system compressed, your breathing
might be quite shallow, even though you try to breath deeply.
The way to resolve that is to get chiropractic adjustments on a frequent and
regular basis, and to resolve your neuro-emotional issues by using
Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET,
performed by specially trained doctors.   Of course, things like proper:
nutrition; hydration; rest; exercise; lack of toxins; positive attitude; living with
awareness; avoidance of negativities (computer/video games, movies, lies in
the media, taxes, addictions, ect.) play their vital part, as well.

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