Internal Guidance

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To spiritually evolve, to be healthy, it is important for our actions
to be in harmony with the spirit.

The society has created morals, rules of behaviour, to tell people
what is an acceptable action and what is not.   Examples of these
rules, these morals, are the ten commandments.   Out of these
morals come laws that punish people for going beyond the rules.

However, instead of helping people live in harmony with the spirit,
these rules are roadblocks in the way of spiritual evolution,
of being truly healthy.

There are many levels to your Being, to you.
In a very simplified way, it could be said that there are three main
levels to you:
- conscious
- subconscious
- super-conscious

Conscious level
This is the level as you know your Self right now:   a body with
a name tag and a collection of memories that started when you were

Subconscious level
This is the level of your energy system, that is your energy bodies.
Your soul, the Higher Self, is also part of this level.   It could also
be said that this is the level of you that incarnates, that comes to
Earth to live lives here.

Super-conscious level
This is the highest level of you, the level of the Godly Self; the level
of you that existed long before the soul was created, before
the physical universe was created.   This level of you doesn't incarnate.

Then there is another level, the level of Divine Loves (Gods),
the highest level in existence.   Even though this level is not your
individual "you" level, obviously, this level is a huge part of your

For your good health it is important that all your actions are congruent,
compatible, in harmony, with all these levels.   Incompatible, incongruent,
out of harmony, actions weaken you, stress you.
For example, let's say you want to buy a car.   You, at the conscious
level, like a certain model in a certain colour.   However, at the subconscious
level you are not OK with the car.   At that level you can sense
the energy, the energetic quality, of the car and it is poor.
At the subconscious level you know that owning the car would weaken
your nervous system; your nervous system would have to compensate
for the poor energy of the car.   Or the car itself is OK, but the colour
of the car is your "bad" colour and thus you would be weakened by
having the car (please, see the page "Your Colour").
Or, both your conscious and subconscious levels are OK with the car,
but at your highest super-conscious level you know that something
will happen in the future, and to be able to handle the situation safely
you need a specific model and/or colour.
Or, all three levels of you are OK with the car, but Divine Loves (Gods)
being able to see the whole picture (which even your super-conscious
level might not be able to see), know that you really need this particular
car, and perhaps even in that particular colour.
The point here is that, in this example, it is important to check
the congruence of your car buying decision:   may I buy this car safely?
Is this car fully congruent, compatible, in harmony, with my whole Being
and Divine Loves?   If not, then what car should I buy and in what colour?
These questions can be answered via Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET -
, or by using muscle-strength testing as described
in the book "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins.
However, as NET is practiced by trained doctors, it is more reliable.
The energy system of an individual might get blocked or switched or
affected by negative energies and thus the received answer might be
false.   NET practitioners are trained to detect and resolve those.

The healthier you are, the easier is to get the correct, reliable, answers.
Please, see the other pages of this website for more information on
reclaiming your true good health.

It is important we check the congruence of our actions and decisions.
When that particular action is congruent, in harmony, with our whole
Being and Divine Loves, it is safe to do.   No morals, no rules are
needed.   In truth, some of the congruent/harmonious actions/decisions
might even go against the established morals/laws.
When we replace all the morals with this internal guidance, we are on
our way to peace and true good health.

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