Types of Intelligence

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There are two types of intelligence:
- down-to-earthness
- up-to-heaven-ness

This is the type of intelligence that is needed to live in harmony with nature.
Down-to-earth intelligent people are those that intimately depend on nature:
farmers; fishermen; native tribes; etc.
While this type of intelligence is important, it doesn't help with spiritual
evolution, with deep, internal, healing, and connecting with Divine Loves

This type of intelligence is needed to be truly healthy, to be harmoniously
connected with Divine Loves (Gods).   This type of intelligence guides
the individual to the best, most positive, most loving, choices.
Individuals that manifest this type of Intelligence are positive, highly
energized.   Examples of such individuals are:   Christ; Osho.

This type of intelligence is of a higher order than Down-to-earthness, and
encompasses it.   To attain, manifest, this type of intelligence a certain
level of good health is needed.   To attain that higher level of good health
you need to be free of toxins, your nervous system needs to be in a good
shape, your body needs to be properly nourished and hydrated, and you
need to live with awareness.
The other pages of this website have more information on all that.

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