Parallel Life Path

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Everyone has his/her life path that he/she creates on "The Other Side"
(the home base of the soul) before incarnating.   Once incarnated, the life
of the individual follows this path.
However, there is also a parallel life path of healing that every individual has,
created by Love of Loves (God of Gods).

When you switch to this parallel healing life path, your life synchronizes with
events, things, and people that help you heal.   This healing may happen
fairly quickly, accelerating your spiritual evolvement substantially during your
current incarnation.
Please, be aware that "fairly quickly" doesn't necessarily mean right away
or in a few weeks.   Many people want things right away, and some may expect
a miraculous, (almost) instant, resolution of their problems.   While there is
a possibility of such a miraculous healing to occur, it's more likely it will take some
In the context of this healing life path, "fairly quickly" means that the healing
is faster than going in an endless circle of incarnations while being spiritually stuck.
How quickly that healing happens depends on many things, but mainly on your current
state of being, of health.   The more you are toxic and fragmented, the more
challenging it is to heal.

So how do you switch to this parallel life path of healing?   One of the ways is
by praying, for example:
"I am very grateful for being switched to my parallel life path of healing, as I intent
to heal and evolve spiritually.   Thank You, Divine Loves, for switching I to the
life path, and thank You for Your continuing guidance, help, support, protection, and
involvement while I'm on the life path, so my healing is complete and I am fully
congruent with you.   Thank You, I love You."

Of course, you can create your own prayer.   Please, be aware that it's important
the prayer is in a thanks-giving format, and that you talk about the thing as if you
already have it.   When you pray, mean it.
Switching to your parallel life path of healing also may occur during
a silent meditation or some other activity of yours geared towards
healing, as you generate a positive, healing intent.
The more positive, healing ways you combine, the more likely you are to connect with
your parallel life path of healing.   For example, praying + meditating + going
to a chiropractor + eating healthful food + hydrating properly + having enough rest +
exercising sufficiently + avoiding toxins + undertaking
Neuro-Emotional Technique.

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