True Love vs. Pseudo-love

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Symbolically, it could be said there is true love and there is
pretended love, pseudo-love.
However, in reality there is only "one" love, and you are
an individual manifestation of it.   This physical world is set up so
you can either be in harmony with it, or be in disharmony with it.
Love is an energy and one of the two basic building blocks of Existence
(information, also an energy, is the other).   When you are in
harmony with love, it flows freely through you, and because it is such
a powerful and such a high energy, it feels so "heavenly" good =
joy, bliss, peace.
This love energy flow through you also attracts and manifests in your
life stuff that is congruent (harmonious) with it: respect for others and your Self;
understanding; compassion; patience; balance; positive abundance; good humour;
harmonious connection with Divine Loves (Gods); peace; healing.

When you are peaceful, respectful of others, compassionate, patient,
balanced, etc, it is said that you are love-ing.   And that is
the truth - you are love.   You can be aware of this truth and manifest
it in your life, or you can be ignorant of this truth and thus prevent its
manifestation in your life.

In the highly energized (and recommended) book "Power vs. Force"
David R. Hawkins reveals a calibrated scale of human consciousness.
It ranges from 0 to 1000, where 1000 is the highest energy level, the level
of Christ, for example; and 0 is the lowest energy level - symbolically
it could be said that 0 (or close to it) is the energy level of satan.
It is possible to map emotions, human behaviour, human development and
lives to this energy scale.   Negative emotions (such as shame, guilt,
apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride) calibrate between 0 to 200.
This 0-200 range denotes destructiveness, devoid of positivity.
According to the numerous tests that David R. Hawkins and his associates
conducted, over 70% of the world population calibrates within
the destructive region (so far).   Once the energy calibration of
an individual goes over 200, some positivity becomes present.   Just
as an example, neutrality = 250, acceptance = 350, reason = 400.   (This
energy scale is logarithmic, not linear.)
Love calibrates at 500.   In other words, to be able to start being truly
loving, you need to calibrate at 500 or more.   So far, not very many
people have reached this level.

In other words, the great majority of people on this planet are not capable
of being truly loving (so far).   Yet almost everyone says that he/she loves
his/her parents, children, spouses, siblings, friends, pets, God, etc; so what is
going on?   Here we are getting to the pretended love, pseudo-love.
What these people actually "love" is their emotional/mental attachment
to the other (parent, child, spouse, etc).
They are emotionally attached to the other, and from this emotional attachment
they receive pleasure, which they call "love".   This pleasure might be
even very intense.   However, it is all a game of the individual's ego, false self.
Of course, this emotional attachment, in other words possessiveness, is negative,
destructive.   It reduces the object of the pseudo-love to a possession, and thus
the "loving" individual, the possessor, tries to control his/her possessions
(parents, children, spouses, etc).   It also fragments the energy of the possessor,
affects his/her health, and may prevent his/her harmonious connection with
Divine Loves (Gods).

This possessiveness may manifest as:
- arguments about who should be doing what
- tendency to tell others what they should do
- judging others (and your Self, too)
- wanting to be in charge
- having expectations of others (yes, and your Self, too)
- denying positive requests, even though there is no really good reason to do so
- pushing, provoking, others
- taking advantage of others
- making others (and your Self) the butt of unloving jokes
- unloving criticism
- having plans for others
- bullying others
- talking down to others
- not being able to forgive
- not being able to let go of the "loved" one that passed away or parted
- jealousy
- envy

Do you want to have a reliable indicator of whether you are truly loving or
possessing?   Take the following test, answering the questions completely
- have you ever thought or spoke of your child passionately/emotionally as
    being your little baby (or something similar)?
- have you ever thought or said that you wouldn't know what you'd do if
    your child, or other loved one, would die?
- do you have ideas or plans for what you would like your child to become
    (education-wise, job-wise, all-wise)?
- when you visit some else's place, do you start thinking how you would
    re-arrange the place (the furniture, the painting, the colours
    of the walls, etc)?
- do you tell your children (or anyone else) to participate in things (scouts,
    sports, army cadets, playing a musical instrument, etc)
    even though they don't feel like doing it?
- have you ever told (or thought) anyone that he/she disappointed you?
- do you feel satisfaction when your loved one makes a mistake or something
    bad happens to him/her?
- do you have expectations of others (or your Self)?
- do you feel that your lover completes you?
- do you feel that without your loved one something would be missing from
    your life?
- do you deny your loved one's requests "just because"?
- when you see (or imagine seeing) your loved one (child, spouse, friend, etc)
    being hugged, kissed, tended to lovingly by someone else,
    do you feel uneasy (or worse)?
- do you give your loved ones the unconditional freedom to choose what
    they want and to follow their own life path?***
- do you devise ways (or a way) of gaining the upper hand, however subtly?
- if you were abandoned by your loved one, even temporarily, in whatever
    way (vacationing apart, death, divorce, separation), would you
    feel empty, out of balance, incomplete, heart broken?   Would you
    feel you lost him/her?
- do you create scenarios to gain attention (faking a pain, disease, lack of money, etc)?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions ("no" to the one marked ***),
you have some healing to do to attain to the true lovingness.
To raise your energy high enough, you need your nervous system
be in good shape.   Many things need to come together for that to happen.
Please, see the other pages of this website for more info.
Two healthcare techniques that are a vital part of this healing are chiropractic
and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET); either of them is great, together
they are synergistic.

As already mentioned, lovingness means: respect; freedom; compassion;
understanding; peace; joy; bliss; good humour; balance; non-judgment.
However, lovingness doesn't mean that the loving individual needs to smile
all the time, or kiss/hug everyone, or give money to every poor person he/she meets,
or give a lift to every hitchhiker.   Such a loving individual may get angry,
frustrated, utter a swear word, or even kick a butt, but then it's all within the context
of love - not to gain an unloving advantage.
The loving individual understands that there are negative energies in the world
and it would be foolish to empower them, to support them, to condone their behaviour.
Thus the loving individual uses his/her intelligence to discern between what is
harmonious and disharmonious with love, and adjusts his/her behaviour
accordingly, spontaniously.   Yes, a mistake may be made, because
the loving individual may not have all the answers necessary to see sufficiently
clearly, or he/she may be affected by some negativity (unless his/her energy reaches
the 1000 level), but the mistake is not bound to be as costly, as destructive as
when it is made out of possessiveness.

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