Suppression of Love

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Love is the most powerful energy in Existence.
Love protects, nourishes, purifies, heals, maintains good health,
keeps things in harmony.
It is important to be aware, however, that this "physical" world
is set up so love can be relatively easily suppressed.
Suppressed love results in disharmony, diseases, vulnerability
to negative energies, accidents, energy fragmentation, lack
of connection with Divine Loves (Gods), lack of intelligence.
To keep the love energy flowing freely through your Being
many things need to come together in harmony - it's a big
recipe with many ingredients.   Certain ingredients can be controlled
consciously, and certain ingredients are mixed in the subconscious
world.   It is these subconscious ingredients that play the major role
in the recipe.   The most important subconscious ingredients
are positive answers (helpful information) and positive energy.
Both come from Divine Loves (Gods), other loving Beings, and
our higher Selves.   Consciously, we don't know if or to what
degree those two most important subconscious ingredients
come to us; at least three things are certain, however:
our intent, our prayers, and our positive being/doing are essential
in obtaining them.
Some of the ingredients that can be controlled consciously are:
- avoiding toxins (alcohol, coffee, mercury {mainly in amalgam dental fillings,
    also in tuna fish, fluorescent lights}, drugs legal and illegal, vaccines, pork,
    sugar, wheat flour, tobacco, deet in bug repellents, many sunscreens use
    toxic chemicals, etc)
- avoiding negative (poor energy) entertainment (TV, movies, computer/video
    games, some kinds of music such as rap, heavy metal, hard rock, violent
    sports such as boxing, american football, rugby)
- avoiding negative jobs such as military, law enforcement*, tax collecting, and
    others, where the employees blindly follow some else's directions, or create
    products/services that harm people.
- using chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) to heal, or maintain
    good health
- avoiding poor-energy people (loud, obnoxious, controlling, negative, toxic
    due to drugs, alcohol, etc)
- supplying your body with what it needs to be healthy (enough sleep, nutrients,
    hydration, exercise, sunlight, rest)
- daily silent meditations (if you are congruent with them - check with NET)
- checking your congruence (harmony) with what you intent to do by using NET
- being aware (living in the current moment, centered in your Being)
- respecting others and your Self
- praying
- having positive attitude and intentions
- using positive symbols, such as the cross (it is important to check your
    congruence with them)
- using helpful devices, such as electro-magnetic field (EMF) harmonizers,
    water purifiers, air purifiers
- spending as much time as you can in nature - real nature, not just city parks
- finding out what your "good" color is and surrounding your Self with it,
    and avoiding your "bad" color
- avoiding wearing black color
- reading positive, highly-energized books, such as by David R. Hawkins,
    Wayne Dyer, Osho, Deepak Chopra
- reducing sources of EMFs as much as possible (cell phones, wireless devices,
    close proximity to radio antennas and power lines, etc)
- it is worth repeating that it is important to check your congruence even with
    positive things; not because they would be bad by themselves, but because
    you might have a neuro-emotional issue with them and thus you might be
    weakened; NET can detect and resolve such issues

*Note:   Law enforcement, such as the police, are not necessarily negative.
             Until people are healthy and mature enough to be guided by their
             intelligence, and thus do no harm to anyone and anything, the police
             are needed, and their presence can be very positive.
             It is when the police (and other law enforcement personnel) blindly
             follow those in power, and thus possibly enforce disharmonious,
             destructive laws (taxes, freedom limiting, etc.), and/or allow harm
             to be done to people, that their doing turns into a poison.

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