Messages of Healing

Whether we drive somewhere, read magazines, watch the TV
(and so on), we are exposed to messages peeking at us from road signs,
billboards, flyers, ads, and other sources.   Many people don't pay much
attention to them, yet that doesn't stop the messages from affecting us.
Even though our waking consciousness doesn't register them,
the subconscious is very aware of them.   For us to be healthy, we need
positive, good-health-supporting environment, in this case the messages.
However, there are plenty of messages that are negative, not supportive of
our health.
Here are some examples of such messages:

- small road signs announcing:   " Cops for cancer "   Huh?   Why are not
  the cops " for good health "?

- a large clothes-donation bin saying:   " Drop off your used clothes here
  to support multiple sclerosis "   Huh?   Where do I drop off used clothes
  to support healing people?

- in Toronto, there is a Hospital for Sick Children, also called informally
  " Sick Kids Hospital "   Wouldn't it be much better to have " Healing
  Kids Hospital " ?   (Of course, the best is to have no need for all
  hospitals.)   In one large shopping mall a temporary booth set up by this
  hospital announced:   " Donate to Sick Kids "   Huh?   No way!
  Why should I support sick kids?   My intent is to support healthy kids
  (and other people).

- a huge billboard showing a huge picture of cancerous cells and
  announcing:   " The bloom of doom ".   Huh?   What depleted individual
  came up with that?   Got matches?

- many public events, usually some kinds of walks and runs, to support
  whatever.   For example:   " Walk to support breast cancer research ".
  Nope.   No way.   I walk to support good health research.

- The Salvation Army.   Since when an army saved anything?   Seeing
  from the history of our planet, armies have been destroying and killing,
  not saving.

- ads saying something like:   " One out of ten adults will get cancer -
  are you going to be one of them? "   Nope, and where is my eraser?

When you think about it, really, how many messages have you seen
supporting good health, being uplifting?
Some people might say: " Well, we know what these messages really
mean; they couldn't fit the whole message there, so they shortened
it like this. "   Sorry, that doesn't wash it.   Even though they might
rationalize it like this, they are still seeing negative, unloving messages.
This stresses their spirit.   Remember, our true nature is loving, healthy,
fun-enjoying.   Being exposed to negative information affects us,
regardless of our rationalization.   If you have lots and lots of energy
(are harmoniously connected with Divine Loves), you can easily
neutralize these negative messages.   However, individuals that don't
have enough energy (which is many people), might get affected by these
negative messages - the produced subconscious stress might result in

So how to counter all these negative messages?
First, by healing your nervous system (that's the part of you that holds all
your " parts " together and connects you to Divine Loves).
Second, it is beneficial to say this affirmation:   " I am aware that some
messages are negative, and I choose to support only healing and loving
messages.   My intent is to be healthy and loving, and I thank Mother
Love for helping I with that. "

Third, by choosing not to view those messages on TV, in magazines,
newspaper, flyers, and other sources that can be easily avoided.
Also, if you view a negative message, you can say " I love my Self " .
When you say that, Mother Love sends loving energy to your Self.

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