Dissolving the world of struggle

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There are two worlds:
1) the world of abundance, love, and peace, designed by Divine Loves (Gods).
2) the world of struggle, illnesses, and disharmony, designed by entities
    disconnected from Love.

The Divine Loves designed world had been physically manifested on Earth
at one time (please, see the page " How did it come to this? "), and then
was overshadowed by the world of struggle.

The world of abundance, love, and peace is gentle, and doesn't force you
to stay in it.

The world of struggle is forceful - it does everything it can to trap you, hold you,
and control you.   Once you're in it, it does everything it can to keep you under

The main ways of the world of struggle to control you are:

- poor health (toxins, drugs, pollution, stress, etc)
- false believes
- affection with negative entities/energies
- scripts, programming, that run in the subconscious
- making you think you have to do, forcing you to do, things that are
  incompatible with the spirit - your Self (taxes, vaccinations, military service
  in some countries, education that teaches un-truths)
- having (acquiring material stuff in the conscious world and energy/control
  in the subconscious world)
- doing (constant action)
- disconnecting you from Divine Loves and the Wholeness

Poor health issues, false believes, and affections by negative entities/energies
are addressed on other pages of this website; affections can also be resolved
by prayers (please, read on).

Scripts, programming, that run in the subconscious.
These programs can be cancelled and deleted by prayers, and by using
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) or similar work.   (Please, read on about
the prayers.)

Making you think you have to do, forcing you to do, things that are
incompatible with the spirit.

It is possible to opt out of these incongruent things.   For example:
to opt out of taxes there is valuable information on www.detaxcanada.org
(that info is valid for the U.S., as well); you can say "no" to the toxic
flu shots (and other vaccines); you can educate your Self with true answers
from other sources than the official education.   By healing your Self
and thus raising your energy level you contribute to positively increasing
energy of the whole world, and so flushing out the low-energy, toxic stuff like
taxes, drugs, fear, etc, and preventing negative energies/entities from doing
their unloving things.   (The answers presented on this website are to
support such a healing on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental, physical.)

Having (acquiring material stuff in the conscious world and energy/control
in the subconscious world)

The verb to " have " reveals two meanings, one harmonious, the other
one disharmonious.
Harmonious:   He (Divine Love) awards victorious entity
Disharmonious:   His/her accumulations (or accumulating) veiling

Harmonious.   " He awards victorious entity. "   What does it mean?
It is when you are victorious over the world of struggle, which means
when you are in harmony with Divine Loves (Gods), when you are truly
healthy, you are connected with the unlimited abundance that there is
on all levels of existence.   So it is OK to have lots of money, nice cars,
a big house, when they are all congruent (compatible) with the spirit
(with Love, peace, harmony, good health, respect, justice, good humour).
When there is a lack of abundance, there is disharmony with the spirit
of some kind.

Disharmonious.   " his/her accumulations (or accumulating) veiling
entity. "   When an individual is immersed in the world of struggle
and accumulates stuff according to its rules (which are disharmonious,
incongruent, with the spirit), then he/she veils his/her true Self,
may become disconnected from Divine Loves and the Wholeness, and
suffer poor health.   Examples of this disharmonious having abound all around us.

Doing (constant action)
The verb to " do " reveals two meanings, one harmonious, one
disharmonious.   It is complemented by the verb to " be ", as it relates
to the scope of this article.
Harmonious:   divine order
Disharmonious:   detrimental (or destructive) occupation
The verb to " be " :   beyond eternity

We are human beings, not human doings.   As you can see above,
the verb to " be " reveals " beyond eternity ".   " Eternity " refers to time.
" Time " is a pretended thing.   At our deepest, true (that is not pretended)
level, we are one - The Holy Spirit.   Because The Holy Spirit (of whom we are
individual manifestations) is not pretended, it is beyond time, beyond
All this means that you are beyond eternity - you are be-ing.
In order to experience itself, The Holy Spirit (by pretending) manifested us,
the spirits, through Love of Loves (God of Gods).   In other words,
Love of Loves manifested Be-ings, each with its own free will to choose
the course of its own life; to choose even thigns that are not congruent
with the Being, thus that are detrimental to the Being (at least at this
physical level).
The world of struggle is trying to make you use that choosing feature
to trap you and control you.   Within the scope of this paragraph that
feature is " doing ", as in constant action.
By trapping you in a cycle of doing something all the time, the world
of struggle (the unloving entities that control it) make you forget your
true nature, that is " Being ", a spirit, an idividual manifestation of Love;
in other words, by being trapped in the world of struggle you lose your
center, you become not centered, not aware, thus you lose control of you,
and struggle and poor health follow.   This is what " detrimental
occupation " means:   constantly doing something and forgetting
who you really are, and thus forgetting to nurture and constructively
draw on that power (Love), which in turn protects you from negativities.

There is also the harmonious meaning of the verb to " do " : divine order.
While we are Beings, spirits, individual manifestations of Love,
if we all just sat inactive, there would be no point to the Existence -
The Holy Spirit wouldn't experience anything.   So an interaction is needed
and desirable within the scope of Existence, that is within the scope of
the pretended manifestation of The Holy Spirit.   That means that doing is OK,
as long as it is in the divine order.
The divine order is:   first, be rooted, centered in your Be-ing, and then do.
Because that do-ing is coming out of your centerdness, out of Love,
whatever you do is bound to be positive, loving, constructive to you
and everyone.   And because your Be-ing is your first priority, you don't
forget who you are, you don't get lost in the world of struggle.
If you already are lost in the world of struggle, then reclaiming your
Be-ing is possible through the combination of silent meditations, prayers,
neuro-emotional technique, network spinal analysis (advanced chiropractic),
and healthy life-style (please, see the page " Holy Temple " for more details).
As to the silent meditations:   please, be aware that there are many
different kinds of meditations.   If the meditation involves some kind of
doing (chanting, making sounds, guiding energy, visualization), then
it is still do-ing.   To use meditating to reclaim your center, you need
to use silent meditations (please, see the page " Meditate...or not? ").

The doing that the world of struggle is trying to trap you in is mostly
negative, even though positive doing could also trap you:
un-intelligent entertainment (even passively watching/listening to
something is do-ing), sports, hobbies, reading, thinking, jobs, etc.
Some of the doing is forceful, and some of it is sneaky, tricky,
so if your intent is to be healthy, loving, centered, and do stuff
in the divine order, you need to be aware of everything - that's
where the silent meditations help tremendously (the silent
meditations center you in awareness, so you become more aware
of your Self and your surroundings).

Disconnecting you from Divine Loves (Gods) and the Wholeness
All of the above may contribute to a disconnection from Divine
Loves and the Wholeness.
When you do something, or you are in a state, that is incongruent
(incompatible) with Love, you disconnect from Love.
An individual who loses his/her connection with Love loses
intelligence, the source of true answers, the source of protection,
and connection with the Wholeness, Oneness.
It is the intent of this website to present some answers on how
to return to Love.

About the prayers

Prayers are very powerful thoughts that can counterbalance, cancel,
or delete negative scripts that run in the subconscious.
First, about the scripts.
This world is run by scripts, programs, that run in the subconscious.
The scripts can be positive, loving; or negative, controlling.
Negative entities, that have been trying to control this whole world,
have put an enormous effort and amount of energy into designing
scripts, programs, that poison, fragment, trap and control those
individuals that let their spiritual defenses down (please, see the page
" Spiritual Self-defense " for more info).
Examples of the physical manifestation of these negative scripts are
plentiful; just a handful of examples:   negative thoughts; addictions;
illnesses and other physical conditions that don't go away; irrational
behaviour; wars; taxes; borders; weird weather; false believes;
superstitions; un-intelligent entertainment; governments; drugs (legal
and illegal); western medicine; etc.
Now a handful of examples of positive, loving, scripts:   truly loving
actions; peace; healing; positive, helpful products; books that truly help
people; intelligent fun; chiropractic healing; neuro-emotional technique;

There are three types of prayers, as relating to this article:
1) thanks-giving manifestation prayers
2) more generic manifestation statements
3) specific manifestation statements

1) thanks-giving manifestation prayers
With these prayers you thank for the healing you would like
to accomplish.   Even though you might not have the good health
you would like right now, you always thank as if you already have it
right now.   For the spirit there is only Now.
An example of such a prayer is:
" Thank You, Divine Loves, for Your guidance in resolving my headaches
so I am completely free of them, right now.   Thank You for Your help and
support in all ways to resolve everything contributing to the headaches, right now.
Thank You, I love You. "

2) more generic manifestation statements
With these manifestation statements you use the manifesting power
of " I " to manifest the healing you intend to accomplish.
With these statements it might be beneficial to repeat them more often.
An example of such a more generic manifestation statement is:
" I am grateful for all the Heavenly guidance, help, support, and protection.
I choose to manifest, I am manifesting the complete deletion of all unloving
vibrations contributing in all ways to my headaches from my Being, my
consciousness, my whole universe, and all levels of existence, from
the concept time till now, into the future and beyond, right now.
I choose to live, I am living, a life free of headaches, right now.
I am replacing all the deleted stuff with Divine Love energy flow,
bringing Mother Loves' Light and Love into my Being, my consciousness,
my whole universe, purifying all that of all the deleted stuff, purifying
all that of all unlovingness, and manifesting my freedom from headaches,
and telling the whole Existence to support only that and automatically
delete everything else unloving, right now. "

3) specific manifestation statements
These specific manifestation statements go to the root of why those
headaches (for example) occur, thus are very effective.   To use these
one has to find out what caused/is causing the headaches, when that
root cause(s) occurred and/or started occurring, and possibly other
details.   To find out all these pertinent answers, one can use
neuro-emotional technique (NET) or muscle-strength testing (as
described in the book " Power vs. Force " by David R. Hawkins).
NET is performed by trained doctors and is the most reliable.
Muscle-strength testing can be done at home (or anywhere) by
your Self.   Be aware, that doing it by your Self or with someone
who is not fully trained in this work might result in false answers,
and thus there is a potential of causing more problems than resolving.
False answers can be obtained, because the tester's body might be switched,
blocked, and/or affected by negative entities/energies, that can screw up
the answers, and/or introduce other false concepts.   There are ways of
double-checking, verifying, the obtained answers, however, they cannot be
explained by using written words.   Good health and practical learning
are needed; the same applies to the emotion purging that inevitably follows
such manifestation statements/deletions.

Please, be aware that in the first place common sense is needed, even before
praying for help. For example, if you have headaches and your intent is
to get rid of them, examine what you are doing, how you are living, for
toxins and unhealthy habits.   If you drink coffee, take drugs, don't get
enough sleep, don't drink enough water, your back is hunched, work
in a noisy or polluted environment, then you need to correct those.
It is true that sometimes people don't realize that something they are
doing might be contributing to the unhealthy condition.   Using prayers,
asking for guidance, helps.   Once you ask for help and guidance,
it's important to keep your heart and consciousness open.   While it is
possible to receive a guidance in a booming, heavenly voice inside
of your head telling you what to do, instead, you might be guided
to a book, have an intuitive feeling (an urge) about something,
overhear someone saying something that would help you, be guided
to a program on TV, feel compelled to share your health issue with
someone who, as it turns out, knows a good doctor, etc.
When you sincerely ask, you always, always, receive a guidance from
loving Beings.   Sometimes it might be hard to distinguish this loving
guidance from attempts of the world of struggle to sabotage your
attempt for healing - also pray for protection from all the sabotage,
negative interference, and check the perceived/received guidance with
your heart/intuition.   Or you can check the guidance against
the concept of loving Christ - " is this guidance what loving Christ
would tell I? "
  Sometimes the guidance might be different from
what you might expect.   For example, you might be guided to
change your job, move to a different place, abandon a relationship,
throw something out, etc.   Heavenly guidance is always supportive
of love, making you feel better inside, and is gentle.

(Even though you might feel some resistance to the guidance initially.)

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