Be In Touch

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The spiritual (Love) energy enters the body through the crown
energy point (chakra) in the Light body, and then moves down
the other six energy points.   (Please, see the page " Spiritual
" for more answers.)

The crown energy point is not in the body, it's just above the head.
To facilitate better connection between the crown energy point
and the body, it is vital (see what " vital " stands for in
Love-tionary, at the bottom) to put a little bit of oil on the top
of the head - the skin, every morning.
You can buy a bottle of oil at a health food store (it will last
you a long time).   One of the oils that are good for this is
Apricot Kernel Oil made by Now (

As you can see, Jesus wasn't just trying to make Himself
pretty when he was anointing his head with oil; there was
a very practical and important reason for it.

So go ahead, anoint your head every morning and be in
touch with the Spirit!

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