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No person should be put on a pedestal for any reason; and even less so
paraded through city streets; that is simply stupid.

All positive/inspirational things/actions come from the Self, the Creator;
the person through whom they are manifested/channeled is but a vehicle for them.
Shouldn't the spotlight be on the driver (the Self), rather than the vehicle
(the person)?   In addition, no person is energetically pure, unless perhaps
it is an enlightened individual.   Putting a person on a pedestal puts also all
the impurities on the pedestal; even though people may not see them consciously,
they can be clearly seen subconsciously.
The impurities include stuff like: toxicity; energy fragmentation and depletion;
negative intentions and thoughts; negative energies attached to the person; etc.
These impurities are the consequence of lack of awareness of the Self - they have
no place on any pedestal.

In addition, the person in the spotlight (on the pedestal) faces the temptation of
egotism, on top of all the other challenges in his/her life.   This is not
beneficial at all.

When a great thing is accomplished, it is more loving to show
gratitude/appreciation for the deed, thank the Self or God and leave it at that.
While presenting an award to the person and providing some media coverage
may have certain benefits, the awareness of the Self as the actual doer
should be maintained all the time.   Checking the congruence of the award
and media coverage with the person and the Self ensures the whole process
is positive.   Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is an excellent tool for
checking the congruence (harmony with).

If a deceased person accomplished something great, helpful, inspiring,
it may be OK to make a memorial, statue, bust, or a painting of the person.
It may help inspire others and help keep the positive deeds in the conscious
awareness of people.   As the vehicle of the positive deeds (the person)
is no longer incarnated, there is no temptation of egotism** and the person's
impurities are withdrawn from this world (though there may be exceptions
to this, depending on the person's energy level).   At the same time,
the dedication should always be to the Self first.   As an example:
"This statue is dedicated to the loving life of the Guatama Buddha
and the great deeds accomplished through him.   Praised be the Self
for manifesting all that."

**Note:   The soul of the deceased person can still be aware of what
continues happing in this world, and so still be tempted with egotism.

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