You can tell the tree by the kind of the fruit it produces, especially when
the tree has been around for hundreds or thousands of years.

What fruit is produced by a healthy tree-religion that has deep roots in a fertile
soil and which branches stretch to the sky?
The produced fruit is:
- freedom to be your Self
- abundance for everyone
- peace
- justice
- good health
- good sense of humour
- respect for the freedom of others
- patience
- spontaneity (that comes out of the individual's awareness)
- congruence (harmony) with Divine Loves (Gods)

From observing how the world has been so far, we can discern that the trees of
religions have not been healthy, as the produced fruit has not been harmonious
with the points listed above.   Until very recently the religions have been ruling
all aspects of human lives (and in large parts of the world they still do).
Why is that?
Because the people involved in the religions have not been healthy themselves.
Sick people cannot create and maintain healthy things, that is impossible.
Blind leading the blind cannot lead to positive, creative things.

Healthy individuals do not create, maintain or support organized religions.
Christ would never create or support an organized religion.
Osho would never create or support an organized religion.
This is because a healthy individual realizes, comes to understand, that the way
to God is within him/her Self, and that cannot be organized.
Each individual is different, has a different life path, has different internal
issues to deal with, and no rules, regulations, dogmas, canons, and rituals
can be formed around that.   Plus, life is dynamic, thus any boundaries created
by rules, regulations, dogmas, canons, and rituals are going to be destructive.
Rules, regulations, dogmas, canons, and rituals are static. They cannot be dynamic,
because the individuals and committees who create them would go nuts trying
to keep up with the changes in life; anyway, only a foolish individual would even
attempt that; and yes, it is foolish individuals who create rules, regulations,
dogmas, canons, and rituals.

There are some universal principles for attaining true good health (connecting and
staying connected with Gods), such as those mentioned on this website, but no
organized religion can be formed around them.
Only the individuals who are healthy and come to understand them existentially
(as opposed to knowing them theoretically) can shout them from the rooftops.

Only healthy individuals who have attained to the highest energy level (for example
Christ, Osho) can help others in a positive, creative, Divine Love-congruent way.
However, then they speak/act out of their being, they are spontaneous; they don't
follow books that are hundreds, or thousands, of years old.   They respond to life
as it is in the given moment, thus there cannot be any rituals.

Note: by "healthy" is meant being the highest energized, which comes from
the nervous system being in a good shape, which is a result of many things coming
together harmoniously. Please, see the other pages of this website for more answers.

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